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Most Effective DPS/Tank Alistar?

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I play alistar kind of oddly.

2 fearie charm 3 hp pots
Go back finish 2 philo stones buy boots 1 = 1590 gold
Go back buy soul stealer and finish merc threads = 2085
Then I usually go defensive items based off the opponents team comp.

Frozen heart/visage/Abyssal scepter

I almost never regret buy soulstealer because alistar is just a monstrosity when it comes to assists. And your ult can carry your need for damage reduction to mid/late game.

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Alistar is a necromancer.

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i usally rush manamune on him, makes him a crazy tower bashing beast, and when you ult and are hitting ppl from over 200 damage they are dumb to ignore you thus forcing them to attack the tank..

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Febreze Freshnes

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So here's what i got so far as a theoretical build. This is mostly a build to make sure the enemy team doesn't ignore you in team fights as well as allowing you to push towers down fast and hard ignoring aggro. It is meant to be realatively cheap and effective.
1. Manamune- 2110 gold, Snowballing mana, and a nice increase of AD
2. Boots of Mobility- 1000 gold, Really just an opinion, but I think this will get you into the fights faster, and to the turrets faster
3a. Warmogs Armour- 3000 gold, So I can't decide weather Warmog's or Frozen Mallet is a better item in this build. Warmog's gives you more HP at 920 hp and allows you to snowball up more.
3b. Frozen Mallet- 3250 gold, A bit more expensive and less HP at 700 hp but it has a nice slow, and gives you a decent 20 extra AD. I'll be testing these two items out to see which is more effective, or if both should be used. (I love Alistar as a health regen tank)
4. Atma's Impaler- 2405 gold, with a health item, this is basically a bf sword with Armour and crit chance. The crit is negligible, but the rest of it is solid, and it offers great synergy with this build. (In theory at least)
5. Banshee's Veil- 2715 gold, This item is golden in this build. It gives you 375 health and mana, giving you an extra 15 AD with Manamune and Atma's and every little bit will help in the end. It also offers you the legendary shield to save your butt from getting nuked down in team fights.
6. Randuin's Omen- 2925 gold, I always loved this item when i was a beginner, and still do in certain situations. HoG is probably a must in this build, maybe two of them. This item also provides 300 heath and a huge 80 armour increase, keeping you in the middle of things a little bit longer. The active slow on this item is what makes it a jewel in LoL. So they got Yi, Tryn, and Jax ganging up on you in a fight? Activate this item and your team might be able to nuke Yi and jax down, keep Tryn from spinning away while his ult rages and, and allow you to stay alive through it all. (I make it sound great don't I?)

So yeah, I'm gonna run a match right now and see how this works. Provide your comments please and tell me what you think.

Just ran a couple of matches, and I have a problem of completing the build because its too expensive. The best of what I've done so far is rushing Tear of the Goddess to farm it up, get my boots and a Heart O Gold, and then build either Banshee's or Warmog's. When team fights start breaking out I finish off the Manamune because by this time, you have a large mana pool and the extra dmg really does help out.