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[Guide] Into the Fray! A guide to Kayle, the Judicator. (v.2)

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I just started playing league of legends but I have played dota for about 4 years now. I actually used your tanking item builds to figure out how to play Kayle. I find her amazingly useful but I still havent played and theorycrafted the other heroes extensively.

My adapted TANK item build:

Regrowth Pendant
Boots of Speed
Chalice(solo/magic team) / Mana Manipulator (partnered)
Giants Belt
Finish Boots
Finish Warmog's
Finish Soul Shroud
Finish Banshee's Veil (magic team) / Finish Atma's Impaler (phys dps)
Finish Atma's Impaler (magic team) / 2nd Warmog's and Nashor's Tooth (phys dps)

How I play:

I play Kayle aggressively but I dont go for AP/Attack items - I use mana. I am constantly taunting enemies with Reckoning and going for the kill using Righteous Fury and Divine Blessing. Im not afraid extend myself past the tower line and pop Intervention when my health is low. Im always hunting for the Golem mana buff so I can viciously harass and chase for an extended duration.

In team battles, I play as bait. I stand near the frontline, harassing enemies with Reckoning and Divine Blessing teammates when they get snared. The most important battle winning point is when one of our teammates (usually a carry) gets nuked to hell and I am there to bubble the champion. The cooldown blow of the enemy team can really swing the battle in my team's favor, especially if one of their heroes overextended themself. Also with a huge amount of HP/magic resist, Kayle can take a massive beating. Because of that,I want to be focused so my team can move in and setup for disables and kills.

In conclusion, I find tanking and supporting to be alot of fun. Kayle is a fast hero with personal buffs and can really get away from anything (that ive encountered so far). The speed can be used to gank between lanes, to chase, and to escape. Lastly, her passive aura is one of the best I have noticed in game, a beautiful attack speed aura. Assault Cuirass is a great item in dota and Kayle comes equipped with it. She rocks socks.

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Just a note: This guide is outdated as heck.