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Annie Help Please

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I am not completely new to Annie but I have been going at it completely on my own, I would really like someone to help me and tell me what would be the best way to play her. Like what masteries, runes, summoner spells, stuff like that. Mainly I would like to know what items I should get for maximum damage to either spell casters or tanks and whatnot. I would really appreciate it.

One last thing i'd like to know is who I would play good with, like if we both took a lane together who would compliment Annie the best.

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I've been playing Annie for awhile, I would say she's my absolute favorite. She's great at nuking the **** out of people.

For Mastery/Summoner spells, I go a very general build so I don't have to keep switching around. As for the runes, I never really mess with them, so I won't even mention mine.

Mastery: 8/0/8 (Level 16)

Spells: Exhaust, Ghost (This is only because I am VERY aggressive and VERY good at running away, haha)

For my item build, I go exactly like this:

Doran's Ring
Magician's Boots
Fiendish Codex
Blasting Wand (x2)

Now from here on out, I can upgrade the Blasting Wand to any 3 of these items: Archangel's Staff/Rod of Ages/Zonhya's Ring. I usually go Zonhya's Ring because it maximizes the amount of AP in the shortest amount of time.

Blasting Wand > Archangel's Staff/Rod of Ages
Blasting Wand > Archangel's Staff/Rod of Ages
Blasting Wand > Archangel's Staff

Now, whatever you choose when you upgrade those for the first two Blasting wands is fine, but I always get two Archangel staves if time permits because of the Maximum Mana that's converted to ability power stacks.

The highest I've ever been up to was 574 Ability Power and I went 28/4/10 that game.

My strategy on Annie is to be a pain in the booty. I always harass the opposite lane, not giving them a chance to regen or react. I frequently run out of mana though, but I survive. Toward end game, I can start nuking people around level 6 or 7. One thing is very important when playing Annie. REMEMBER TO SAVE YOUR STUN. I see people wasting stuns on creeps when they could possibly stun one or more champions.

Finally, the best partner to lane with is probably a good Ryze. Since he can snare and nuke as well. But I play with my fellow Ventrilo mates and the person I play with is usually Warwick. I guess anyone with a stun or crowd control effect is a very good person to lane with.


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for high elo, std anni iz catalyst.
saph + 2 hp pot
(sometimes mejaj if you're doing well, if not, do NOT get mejaj)
magic penetration (flat if enemy isn't getting much magic resist, particularly their carry. void staff if they are getting magic resist.
rod of ages or banshee's veil, depends on enemy.

red=mag pen
yel = hp/lev
blu = mag res/lev or cd reduction
purp = flat hp x2, movement speed


summoner spells
need either flash or ghost
2nd is flash, ghost, ignite, or heal. something like that. clairvoyance is okay too.

tip: annie is much easier to play when you're not sleep deprived.

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Aside from being a fantastic nuker Annie also farms/pushes very well. To farm well incinerate needs to 1 hit the ranged creep wave, which is significant when the ranged wave has like 10 creeps in it and you clear it instantly. She can't do this without ap and +ap runes help push you past the damage threshold

To help you do this, i take Ap/lvl runes in blue, manaregen/lvl runes in yellow, magic pen runes in red, cd reduc in quintessences.

my mastery build has 4 points in the exp boost, 2 points in the creep buff bonus and 3 points in mana regen. I have mana regen to help harass better in lane with incinerate, netting one or two creep kills along the way.

unlike most annie players, i don't get one level of molten shield. I feel that it hinders the early burst somewhat and you can get stuns charged with good cooldown awareness and timing. Thus spell priority: Tibbers->incinerate->disintegrate->molten shield

summoner spells: flash and exhaust. Flash gets you out of painful aoe effects, into the range of heroes far away in team battles (like twitch), over walls etc etc. For this reason i dislike ghostwalk because it doesn't allow you to do any of that. Exhaust>ignite because at early games i use exhaust to slow targets down for tibbers to hit. People underestimate how much damage the **** bear does and i get plenty of kills thanks to a bear last hit. Also exhaust is so much better in lvl 1 fights.
LEARN BEAR MICRO. hold alt to move your minion, so tell tibbers who to punch

I ask for mid solo whenever possible. hit 6 asap, teleport home, or wander off into the bushes. Either their mid guy calls ms and everyone hides (which benefits your team) or no one hides, you walk into either top or bot and score a double kill. This really, really benefits your team because one lane suddenly opens up and you just might get a tower kill. Otherwise, if at 6 one guy is dead/pushing the tower is difficult, use the bear to go kill golem. micro your bear, stand like maybe in the river (or an equivalent distance) while you walk your bear up towards the creeps. The creeps will hit the bear instead of you, so he's tanking. The bear doesn't need hp because as timing goes tibbers will die approx 10-20 seconds after you kill golem, leaving you with practically full hp (topped up with pots) and a golem buff. Get back in lane and start throwing spells at your oppisite number. Again timing: golem buff will last you long enough to get two quick tibbers, if you use your tibbers to gank the minute it's up. with your second tibbers you can get another golem etc etc

In team fights, either your opponent has lots of veils, or no veils. Either way, I advise hanging back, unless you have a ****ton of AP and you're willing to initiate with bear stun. Hold your ulti while energised: a well placed stun will easily win you the battle when you stun 3 people for 1.75 seconds and 600 magic damage. Tibber's immolation aura is seriously painful and can increase your damage output even more. Alternatively, save your stun for the dps carries, most of whom you will 3 shot with tibbers->incinerate->disintigrate.

In team battles, use the following rotation: Tibbers(stun)->incinerate->disintegrate->shield->disintegrate->incinerate(stun) as much as you can. The first 3 spells come out in an eyeblink anyway, but this ensures that your next incinerate stuns in an aoe, which can really be the difference.

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Junior Member


I wreck with Annie

go 21/0/9
Get Flash/Teleport

Buy a Saphire Crystal a Mana Pot and Health Pot.
Get a Soul Stealer, Sorc Boots, then start on your Rod of Ages, after that, get Deathfires Grasp and a Void Staff.

Harass your opponents when your stun is up. Use flash to get in range to stun/kill low hp champions. Use teleport to save turrets with surprise tibber stuns, and also so you can recall frequently for mana/health/items.

Then watch as you make carries cry when you blow them up everytime they come near you.

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What Bait said. I suggest you take solo mid and FB/go gank after 6. If you succesfully ganked bot or top, then you half way to your gg screen. Catalyst is really best way to build atm. Then either RoA or Banshee. I usually get mercury instead of sorcerers though. Dont forget to get Golem when its possible. And always prepare AOE stun if you suspect that lvl 1 teamfight will occur.

If you not going solo mid, you better have good support/range harasser/another stun. Alistair + Annie is very dangerous combo for example. Double stun and buttfuk can kill anyone early.