Thornmail on Annie?

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I tried this the other day when I was playing Annie against a team that was heavy in melee DPS, and it seemed to work pretty well, so I was wondering if anyone else has tried this or had a similar experience.

The logic was the thornmail plus molten shield should provide a enough damage against the melee carries to make it worthwhile.

Using this I was able to 1v2 a master yi and tryn at one point (I think I was a lvl or 2 higher than them).


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Being able to adapt your items to the team that you're facing I think is the more important point to take away from that game. Certainly if you're facing another heavy physical damage team Thornmail might be worthwhile. In general though, I don't think it's worthwhile to include in a regular build just because there are other items that cover similar stats and are more suited to building Annie's burst DPS.