Sion - Achmed, the Dead Terrorist

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I. Introduction

As of late, it has become rather rare to see a Sion played well. Most people go one of two routes: Straight AP for PEWPEWLAZERZSTUN/EXPLOSMOKNOWRUNRUNRUNRUN!!11! or Meatshield build. While Sion is viable in both those manners, I prefer a much more aggressive Kamikaze style build. Before flaming to inflate your epeen, hear me out. Then flame for some virtual Viagra if you must.
Now, I am far from a pro player. My W/L record is about 60/40, but much of that is due to playing with friends who are amazing (most notable my bud’s Malphite/Mundo and Heimer play) who save me when I do stupid things. However, I have been playing Sion quite a bit lately, and I believe this build is a very viable initiator/burst damage.

II. Pre-Game

Basically, you want to live long and blow **** up. Or at least live long enough to blow **** up. You know what, screw that. Just blow **** up. But in order to commence the boomboom, you need to live for at least a few seconds. I’ll leave the exact choices for runes and such to you, but I would recommend a hybrid of AP/HP, maybe a little MR if you’re feeling frisky. I like flat HP because I’m super aggressive early, and like to get first blood as often as possible. You may prefer HP/level, I don’t honestly care.

As for masteries, I will suggest that you go 0/21/9 to add some staying power, because we won’t be getting very tanky until late game, and it looks bad if they kill you. Because then they won’t fear you, and they need to fear you. I’ve seen a couple people do well with 0/9/21, so, once again, it’s all about personal preference.

Summoner Spells

Teh Haxx:

Teleport – If you need an explanation, then just quit and go back to your Night Elf Rogue, because you’re not welcome here

Flash – Even post-nerf it’s awesome for positioning, to get them in range of your lazerzzz, or to “advance to the rear” (Sion never runs away, you *****). This is especially useful for flashing over some trees, allowing you to escape, then you can come back for round 2 once your CD's have finished.

Ghost – Like Flash, but not Flash. It’s Yin to Flash’s Yang. Ghost lasts for a much longer time, especially since you’ll be grabbing the Mastery for it (because Teleport mastery is about as useful as a woman who's left the kitchen ). However, I find Flash to be more useful because you will get mass disabled, and you can flash through the trees but Ghost will leave you dead.

Clairvoyance – Always nice to have map awareness.

Cleanse – Even post-nerf it’s still amazing. Wait a second after the initial stun if in a team fight, because they’ll all be spamming disables on you.

The Decent:

Clarity – Nice early on to increase your staying power, especially if you’re blowing through your mana to harass (as you should be!)

Fortify – Someone on nearly every team should have this. There are better candidates, but if you’re in a pub and no one else will, you may want to pick it up.

Ignite – Can help you get early ganks, as well as finish off runners, but you shouldn’t need it.

Heal – May save your tail once in a while, but you have a shield that will absorb a ****-ton of damage on a short CD, making this somewhat redundant


Rally – Your damage will come from AP. It gives you a decent heal, but there are so many better choices, IMO.

Smite – Arnold may run through the jungle, but you won’t be doing so until you have the ability to do it without this crutch

Revive – Die in a fire. Die a thousand deaths under the hooves of stampeding horses.

Exhaust – No, you shut up. Your job is to get in their midst and blow up, not single one out and hit him with a stick, especially since you could pick Ghost instead and catch up to the fool, lazerz him, and /dance while your team rips out his testes. The Mastery might make this viable, due to the MR debuff, but I still prefer most anything over it. If you can’t kill them with your burst, they’ll get away before your CD’s are up, with or without this.

III. Show Your Moves!

Q: Cryptic Gaze (AKA LAZERZZZZZZ!!111)

Great skill. It’s a ranged stun for 2 seconds, and hits like a truck, even before you start stacking AP. Higher ranks mean bigger pewpew and more often pewpew. As the icing on the cake, it’s got a 1:1 AP ratio. That’s hawt, in case you weren’t sure.

W: Death’s Caress (AKA Shield/Boom!)

Even better skill. Protects your giant ass from getting filled with holes, plus lets you blow up a la Death Star. Awesome farming ability, especially because kills with this will proc HP gains if Enrage is on. Late game this can take out an entire creep wave in a second, giving you 18 more hp. Doesn’t sound like much, but do it a couple dozen times and you get the picture. It is also the reason the boot-lickers on the other team will run screaming into the hills, leaving only matching trails of urine behind. It also has a 1:1 AP ratio. Yes, I know. Yummy.

E: Enrage

Great skill if you can last hit well, nice increase in damage early on, and nice hp bonus throughout. This should almost always be on due to the negligible health cost.

R: Regen (yes, regen. That’s all it’s useful for in our build, and you will treat it as such)

Can help you down dragon pretty early, as well as helping you take down a tower faster. If you’re in a close fight, don’t be afraid to blow this. The extra AS and Lifesteal may put your team over the top. Overall, not as useful as your other abilities. I’d recommend just 1 rank until your other abilities are maxed.

IV. The Shinies

One thing you have to understand is your role. With this build, you will shoot to be an initiator/half-tank. Your ability to fill this role depends greatly on your ability to last hit. If you last hit well with Enrage on, you will have enough health to withstand a couple seconds of focus. If not, you will be demoted to Nuker, because trust me: as soon as they see your giant Austrian ass, they’ll do their best to make you Archduke Ferdinand (ah, a history lesson in disguise! Boren, you sneaky bastid, tricking us into learning… Conjunction junction, what’s your function?).

First off, start with a Sapphire Crystal and a couple Health Pots. This is rather standard, because you need the mana, and the Crystal builds into Sheen, which is pretty hawt on Sion.

As soon as you have the gold, BP back and get a Sheen, because this will allow you to use the Skull **** Combo (SFC): Lazerz, melee, Shield on, melee, manually blow Shield, melee, GTFO. This will devastate squishies (read: Twitch) early on, especially with a buddy. Grab boots 1 if you can. If not, no biggie.

Your next set of purchases should be to finish your boots. You can go 2 ways with this: Boots 3 or Mercury treads.

“But Boren, what about Sorcerer’s? Magic Penetration!!!”

Shut. The. ****. Up. The only penetration you need is…well…you see where I’m going with this. But I digress.

Grab Mercury if they’re stun heavy or very magic heavy. Otherwise, get Swiftness. You need to get in the midst of their team as quickly as possible. I’ll tell you why in a second.

After that, grab a Mejai’s Soulstealer, because we will be killing ****ers right and left. Follow that up with an upgrade to Lich Bane, to further augment your combo.

Here’s where it branches out. If you’re eating their hearts like hor dourves (complete with little plastic swords sticking out), you can forego any defensive items and concentrate on the explosions. Pick up an Abyssal Scepter and Zhonya’s Ring. After that, grab a Guardian Angel or a Warmog’s, just to make sure you can get in and get out without also getting dead. Late game, you can safely sell your Mejai’s, because you change roles into a suicide bomber, and won’t get to keep the stacks more than likely.

If you’re having some trouble, get a Rod of Ages, followed by a Warmog’s. With your ability to farm with Shield, you should have no problem charging it up quickly. I also like to get either a Fiendish Codex or Haunting Guise for the CD reduction. I prefer the Guise, but it doesn’t really matter that much. Grab an Abyssal Scepter after this, because they’re probably starting to stack some MR by this point.

You will probably never get any farther than this, but if you do, just get more AP or survivability.

V. Skills
1. Lazerz
2. Enrage
3. Shield
4. Shield
5. Shield
6. Regen (and TREAT IT AS SUCH!!!)
8. Lazerz
9. Shield (max)
10. Enrage
11. Lazerz
12. Lazerz
13. Lazerz (max)
14-16. Enrage
17-18. Regen

VI. Welcome to Summoner’s Rift!

Early Game:

You should be on a side lane, preferably bottom for access to the dragon once you hit 6. Try to lane with someone who has a stun or slow and go balls out right off the bat. It is important that you get to your lane ASAP and hide in the bushes by your tower (not all the way to theirs, lest they escape the impending doom). If they enter your bushes, have your ally stun them, then wail on them, then you stun them (because your stun is ranged in case they Flash/Ghost away) and finish off the first blood.

You need to let them know from the start that you own the lane, and that they are little pissants who can do nothing to stop you. Even if you can’t get the kill, your ranged stun + shield bomb + enrage allows you to burst from the bushes and hit them for over half their health in less than a second.

After your burst is over, though, GTFO of there until your CD’s are back up. This is how
Sion is to be played: run in, burst quickly, run out. This is especially effective with Flash or Ghost, because they won’t have time to react. Once you have a couple kills under your belt, the baddies should be very scared to come out from under their tower.

Sion is capable of one of the strongest mind games in LoL. Do your best to be unpredictable, bursting from bushes and such, even if you can’t kill them, because you will scare the **** out of them, and they will play very defensively for the entire laning phase.

Mid Game

At level 6 or 7, you should be able to solo the dragon. Make sure you have Sheen, then just unload your combo on him, throwing in your regen when you’re at about half health.

One thing to note is that Shield costs less mana and is much better PvE because it procs Sheen twice and also absorbs damage. Just be sure to trigger the explosm manually and don’t let the dragon eat through you shield, robbing you of a Sheen proc as well as the boom. Also make sure to watch your minimap or bring backup in case they notice your absence and come ganking.

After downing the dragon, it’s time to make your presence felt all over the map. This is where teleport comes in handy, because you can run out somewhere on the bottom lane to wipe out a creep wave, lulling the other lanes into a false sense of security, then run into the bushes and teleport to the top lane for a gank. In ganks, your job is to run in and shield explosm the baddies then stun any runners with your lazerz. Try to avoid 1v1 fights if at all possible, simply because you excel at team fights and it’s a waste of your talents to only kill one person .

Late Game

This is where we get the Kamikaze Sion name. At this phase in the game, there are very few champions running around solo, and the outcome of team fights may be game changing (having you team dead for 1min+ can literally end the game). In team fights, your job is to scare the **** out of the enemies, blow up on them, stun their carry or squishy DPS, then get gangraped.


Yeah, your job is to die. The thing about Sion is that he’s cursed with premature ejaculation. He penetrates the team’s defenses, sliding through; their tanks spread open around him, and explodes in less than a second. However, once his burst is gone, he’s nearly worthless for the next 8 seconds or so which is just about the length of a team fight.

However, most people don’t process this fact fast enough to do anything other than spam everything they have on the big lug. They remember the last fight where you ran in and hit them all for a quarter of their health, then stunned and nearly killed their carry in a heartbeat. They will see you and either run like little girls or focus you immediately. Either outcome is good.

Once you do your Taliban impression, you’re done. You’ll probably end the game with a dozen kills, a dozen deaths, and 5.3 billion (+/- 18) assists.


Comments, questions, cries of outrage are welcome.


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Senior Member


+1 for the title.


Reading, please wait.

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Sheen, boots, mejai's. And Rod of Ages if I'm having trouble? I'm sorry, did I miss the part where you got over 9000 creep kills with Enrage up? You're actually not having trouble without survivability in items? Maybe I will try this...

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Originally Posted by Destromas View Post
Sheen, boots, mejai's. And Rod of Ages if I'm having trouble? I'm sorry, did I miss the part where you got over 9000 creep kills with Enrage up? You're actually not having trouble without survivability in items? Maybe I will try this...
Shield will wipe out an entire back row of creeps surprisingly early on if you're having a good game. I mean you're not a tank with this build, but you're not going to be paper either if you've been farming.

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RockLee Tipsy

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This is perhaps the john madden of guides.

Of course your supposed to bomb them (its called harrasing/pushing)
of course you build ap to a point then survivability (bigger bombs hurt more, then get warmogs)
of course you go in.. bomb.. go out..

Now where you are wrong is this point... you think we are disposables late game? wrong..

we do not run in and shield explode.. we hide or position ourselves in a way where our shield can hit the most people possible without actually entering the swirling vortex of death... endgame ap sion is about using cooldowns to allow massive burst aoe.. and also an escape route.

Im not flaming you because many of your points are right.. you do initiate fights.. and you do phyco bomb people.. but you can live.. and 8 seconds later you can do it again.. the strongest sion is the sion that harrases groups during the positioning phase of a massive group fight.. where both sides are jokeying to see who goes in first. i have gotten many kills when players mistake me for an idiot running into his own death.. much like you are telling players to do in your guide.. for example.. with the right positioning you can have a 500ap shield up.. run in.. blow up 4 people for half there health.. then flash into a bush to be completly invisible to the opponent... then instead of waiting a minute to do it again.. you wimple wait 8 seconds while your teamates are easily handling the leftovers you had.. 8 seconds later you go in and finish the job with another bombing run..

also dont get soulstealers if your planning to die alot.. kinda defeats the purpose dont you think.

you say its rare to see a sion played well.. but your definatly not making that change any.
In the end it is the player that refuses to understand that sion can be played well in a multitude of ways that is truly the idiot..

What is a great sion? a great sion can push.. pull.. harrass... gank... dive... duck and dodge... and duck...

its the ****ty players that think they have to die to get that kinda damage off.

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So... yeah i readed the guide (finally) and all i can say is : Good Job, is not the best guide around but to be your first guide is well explained and it's very detailed.


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Most hilarious guide ever...

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Judah the Lion

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The most efficient and appropriate version of the SFC is: Activate shield, chop, Stun, chop, blow up, chop.

The way Sheen is working right now, it procs all three times. n_n

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Nuke Squishy Sion. If you want less squishy:
1)Doran's Ring
2)Rod Of Ages
3)Ryalis Scepter

Then there's AP way-Zhonia's ring/Abyssal Scepter/other AP item.

Or the defence way-Guardian Angel/Banshee's Veil/other defence item.

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I don't get why everyone thinks Achmed the dead terrorist is funny. The skit is stupid, the voice is stupid, it's generic, it's based around 1 stupid line (you know that of which I speak), and if it wasn't for that 1 line, nobody would know about it. Puke

He's the next (or current?) Larry the cable guy.