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Comprehensive Guide to Tiamat Mechanics

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Recently, there was a thread on GD listing "Hilarious Interactions", and several people posted Tiamat interactions that, upon testing, turned out to be blatantly false. So, this guide is here to show a comprehensive (tested) list of what does and does not interact with Tiamat. First, the mechanics:

*Upon attacking a target, Tiamat will trigger as an on-hit effect, creating a ~150 unit radius Area of Effect that will damage each other enemy unit in that area. This radius is calculated from the edge of the target's hitbox, not from its center, so attacking larger units effectively gives it a larger splash radius.
-This range is approximately one Minion's width. If you attack the center caster minion, you will splash to the minions on either side of it. If you attack one of the side minons, it will usually splash only to the center minion.
*The damage dealt is calculated with 35%/50% (for Ranged/Melee) of the pre-mitigation damage that would have been dealt to the primary target. This damage is physical and thus will be reduced by the splash-targets' armor values.
-Thus, if you attack a 100-armor champion with a 100-damage melee attack, and there is a 0-armor minion standing next to that champion, the Champion will take 100 mitigated to 50, and the minion will take half of 100, so 50, with no mitigation because he has no armor. If you instead attacked the minion, the minion would take 100, then the champion would take 50, mitigated to 25 due to armor. If there are two 100-armor Champions standing next to each other, you would deal 50 to the primary target and 25 to the splashed target.
*The damage used is all of the physical damage dealt by your attack.
-This includes bonus damage from "on the next hit" effects like Xin Zhao's Three Talon Strike, Blitzcrank's Power Fist, and Nasus's Siphoning Strike. This also includes Sheen- and Madred's Razor- Type item procs.
*Tiamat will apply to a non-attack ability that applies on-hit effects. The damage it will use will be the damage the skill deals, not your attack damage.
-This includes Gangplank's Parrrley and Ezreal's Mystic Shot (which effectively just add bonus damage to the splash), as well as to Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole and Warwick's Infinite Duress (which will be calculated based off of the damage dealt, which is not necessarily greater or lower than your autoattack)
*The damage dealt by Tiamat is NOT an attack. As such, it does not trigger on-hit effects of abilities and items including Lifesteal and Dodge.
*Tiamat will not Splash Magic or True damage added to any attack.
*If the Main attack is a Crit, the pre-mitigation damage of the Crit will be used
*If the user has multiple Tiamats, each will proc individually, showing multiple numbers each calculated off of 35/50% of the damage dealt.
*If a Tower or other Structure is attacked, Tiamat will splash onto surrounding units.
*If a unit is standing near a Tower or other Structure, Tiamat will not splash onto that Structure.

Now, for Champion/Ability/Item-specific cases. Many of these will seem obvious if you understand the above rules, but some are a little unintuitive and some are commonly rumored to behave differently:

*Sheen/Lichbane/Trinity Force
-The damage dealt is Physical and added into the attack number, so the damage will be Splashed
-Trinity Force Slow will not proc on Splashes

*Wriggle's Lantern/Madred's Razor
-The damage dealt is Physical and added into the attack number, so the damage will be Splashed if it procs on a minion hit.
-Will not have a chance of applying on Splashes

*Sword of the Divine/Youmu's Ghostblade/Guinsoo's Rageblad
-Splashes will not count as hits when counting attacks made for these items

*Madred's Bloodrazor/Malady/Sword of the Divine/Any other On-hit Effect
-On-Hit effect will not trigger on splashes

-Tiamat will not splash the damage added by Discipline of Force
-Tiamat Splashes will not trigger Discipline of Force's bonus damage on their targets
-Crescent Slash will not trigger Tiamat Splashes on targets hit by it
-If Akali is invisible in a Twilight Shroud next to a target of Tiamat, she will still take Splash Damage

-If Alistar attacks a Tower, the Splash damage will be calculated based off of a 20/40/60% increase from his passive for attacking a Structure.
-Alistar's Ultimate will reduce damage dealt to him from Tiamat Splashes

-Tiamat does not apply Cursed Touch
-Tiamat splashes are not reduced by Tantrum's damage reduction
-Tiamat splashes do not reduce Tantrum's Cooldown

-No notable interactions

-Tiamat splashes will not trigger her Molten Shield's damage return

-Tiamat Splashes will not apply Frost Shot
-Tiamat will not Splash on hits from Volley

-Tiamat splashes will have their damage increased on a Power Fist hit
-Tiamat Power Fist splashes will not Knock Up

-Tiamat will splash the damage dealt by her ult, even if it is intercepted.
-The damage dealt by a Tiamat-splash from her ult will be 87.5/140/192.5 + .7:Bonus AD
-If her ultimate Crits, it will instead do her normal critical damage, which will be splashed
-Piltover Peacemaker will not splash
-When she Headshots a target, the bonus damage from Headshot will Splash.
-Splashes will not increase the number of hits she's made counting towards a Headshot

-No notable interactions

-Vorpal Spikes will not trigger on Splashes
-Vorpal Spikes will not trigger Splashes
-The damage dealt by Vorpal Spikes to the main target will not Splash

-Gatling gun will not trigger Splashes
-Hextech Shrapnel Shells will not trigger on Splashes
-The damage dealt by Hextech Shrapnel Shells will not Splash
-Targets with reduced Armor from Gatling gun will take increased damage from Tiamat Splashes
-Missiles will not trigger Splashes

*Dr. Mundo
-No notable interactions

-No notable interactions

-Mystic Shot will Splash, dealing damage equal to 35% of 35/55/75/95/115 + AD
-Mystic Shot splashes do not count as Hits, and thus do not lower your Cooldowns (by more than the 1 for hitting the main target) or grant additional stacks of his passive

-No notable interactions

-Splashes onto a unit affected by Bulwark will heal Galio

-Parrrley can Splash, dealing additional damage
-Units killed by Parrrley Splashes will not grant additional gold

-Decisive Strike can Splash for additional Damage
-Decisive Strike Splashes do not silence
-Judgement does not Splash

-Body Slam does not Splash

-No notable interactions

-Hiten Style does not trigger on Splashes
-The true damage dealt by Hiten Style does not Splash
-Bladesurge will Splash for additional damage
-Bladesurge's Mana/CD will only be refunded if the main target dies, not if any splashed target does

-No notable interactions

-Leap Strike will not Splash
-Empowered Attacks will Splash, but the bonus damage from Empower will not
-The bonus damage from Relentless Assault will not Splash
-Splashes from targets adjacent to Jax cannot be dodged. If Jax is the target of a Tiamat-holder and dodges, there will be no Splash onto adjacent allies

-No notable interactions

-Nether Blade will not give additional mana from splashing onto multiple targets
-Nether Blade's active armor penetration will increase the splash damage

-Bouncing Blades and Death Lotus will not Splash
-Killer Instinct's Bonus Damage will not Splash, nor will it apply on Splashes.

-The bonus magic damage from Righteous Fury will not Tiamat Splash (it will splash normally though)
-The Splashes from Tiamat and Righteous Fury do stack.
-When Righteous Fury is active, the splash % changes to 35% from 50%
-Splashes have their damage increased when affected a target afflicted by Reckoning

-Bonus Magic damage from every 5th attack from Electrical Surge does not splash, nor are Marks of the Storm applied to splashed-upon targets
-Splashes do not count as attacks when counting to the Electrical Surge number

-Bio-Arcane Barrage Damage does not Splash (it used to when Physical), nor does it trigger on Splashes

-No notable interactions

-Splashes do not trigger Illumination procs
-Illumination damage will not Splash

-Splashes stack with those from Brutal Strikes. Neither splash triggers the other

*Master Yi
-Splashes do not count towards attacks when counting for Double Strike
-Splashes will splash for both hits of Double Strike

-No notable interactions

*Miss Fortune
-Impure Shots will not apply to splashes
-Impure Shots' damage will not splash
-Bullet Time does not splash
-Double Up does splash, on both hits. For each hit, the damage of that hit will be used for the splash.

-Mace of Spades bounces will not Splash
-The primary target of Mace of Spades will splash for the damage of Mace of Spades
-The Ghost's attacks will Splash for 50% of their damage, as the Ghost applies Mordekaiser's on-hit effects (needs testing, as this may not be the same anymore since recent changes)

-No Notable Interactions

-The bonus damage dealt by Siphoning Strike will splash
-Units killed by Siphoning Strike Splashes will not add to the damage it deals

-The bonus damage dealt by Takedown will Splash

-Splashes will not count as attacks for Visionary's counter

-Undertow will not Splash
-Reckless Swing will not Splash
-Splashes will not restore life with Vicious Strikes activated
-Splashes on Olaf from attacks made on allies will be reduced by Ragnarok

-Spear Shot and Heartseeker Strike will not Splash
-Pantheon's Shield will not block Splashes
-Splashes will not count as attacks for Aegis's counter

-Attacks made with Devastating Blow will not Splash. They deal only magic damage
-Splashes onto a target affected by her ult will be increased

-Splashes onto Rammus will not trigger Defensive Ball Curl's damage return

-No notable interactions

-Two-Shiv Active will not Splash
-Two-Shiv Passive will not apply to Splashes
-Deceive Damage will Splash
-Clone's attacks will Splash

-Ki Strike damage will not Splash
-Splashes onto a Vorpal Blade-marked enemy will not restore HP

-No Notable interactions

-Splashes will not restore HP with Cannibalism active

-Boomerang Blade will not Splash
-Ricochet Bounces will not Splash

-Power Chord damage will not Splash

-No notable interactions

-Splash damage onto a target afflicted with Decrepify will be increased

-Splashes will not count as attacks for the purpose of reducing Imbue Cooldown
-Splashes will not restore mana with Gemcraft

-Splashes will not apply poison
-Splashes onto Teemo will not knock him out of Move Quick

-No notable interactions

-Rabid Bite damage will splash
-Rabid Bite attack steal will not apply to splash targets

-Spinning Slash will not Splash
-Splashed crits will not reduce the Cooldown of Spinning Slash nor increase stacks on Bloodlust
-Splashes that kill will increase Bloodlust stacks

*Twisted Fate
-Pick a Card and Stacked Deck will not splash their damage (apart from Red card's built-in Splash)
-Gold Cards will not Splash their Stun
-Splashed hits will not count as hits towards stacking Stacked Deck

-Splashed hits will not apply poison
-Ultimate will trigger Splashes on each target hit

-Bear, Turtle, and Tiger on-hit effects will not apply on Splashes
-Bonus damage from Tiger on-hit will not Splash
-Splashes will not count as hits for the purpose of counting Pheonix hits

-Noxian Corrosive Charge and Acid Hunter will not Splash
-Splashes will not apply the slow from Terror Capacitor

-No notable interactions

-No notable interactions

-Infinite will splash for 50% of the damage it deals

*Xin Zhao
-Three Talon Strike bonus damage will splash
-Three Talon Strike third hit splashes will not Knock up
-Splashes will not count as hits for the purposes of reducing cooldowns with Battle Cry active

-No notable interactions

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good work sir...thanks for ALL of it!

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Nice job.

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Junior Member


u saved me alot of testing thank you

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+1 for the devotion of time

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Posting in an awesome thread.

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Lots of work testing.....GJ!!!

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Ok so here's the real question- what champion should actually put this in their item build?

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I've been thinking about Tiamat on Renekton. If you're building him tanky with Frozen Mallet, Sunfire and Atmas, then the next item could be Tiamat + his W applies on-hit effects. It might not be worth it, compared to other dps items, but I like the idea.

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Ok so here's the real question- what champion should actually put this in their item build?

From what i gather, GP, Xin and MF have hardhitting attacks that proc it. But i still wouldn't rush it. Maybe a late game item for S&G's?