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Yesterday/late last night I played 6 games, and lost all but one of them. The one we won wasn't even fun, the other team had two players drop within the first minute of the game.

2 games were lost due to leavers/afkers
2 games were lost due to having feeders that lost us the game within the first 10 minutes. The last game was pretty evenly matched, but the other team just out played us in the end, but it was fun.

Today I get on, and I get paired with 3 players under level 30 against a team of pure 30s with high win counts. Of course, we had our asses handed to us. Two of them fed the other team... surprise! Seriously, wtf is up with the matchmaking system? It would be nice if I could get in more than 1 out of 7 games and have it be evenly matched. Anyone else experiencing this, or am I just getting a ****ty streak of games?