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Annoying comp teams that I get stomped against.

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Annie with Flash/Ignite
Ryze with Flash/Exhaust
Blitzcrank with Flash/Rally
Udyr with Cleanse/Ghost
Alistar with Flash/Exhaust

Was my, "what the ****, lamers" match up last night.

.... the real tryhard group:
disclaimer: using this premade will get your opponents to be really annoyed. in higher elo games, anybody who uses this setup will be called a tryhard and flamed.

twitch - cleanse/rally
kayle - clarity/heal
alistar - ghost/flash
annie - ignite/ghost
gangplank - rally/ghost

A pocket Kayle, a smash and grab Alistar, stun stick Annie, a Critplank and a "lol hi i have a pocket kayle" Twitch... Do they even bother replying to the flaming for the attempt to win through team selection instead of skill?