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[GUIDE] Twisted Fate - The Farming-Ganking-Nuker

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Twisted Fate Guide: By TheAggressor

(Ill update this more when I find time )

This guide is for a Twisted Fate farming-ganking style of play. The emphasis is not so much on towers (which a lot of guides seem think TF is good for…which he isn’t IMO).

Why isn’t TF good for towers? Well he’s easily squished, and you won’t have gate and destiny up fast enough to escape when you needed if your helping your team and pushing. In other words, unless you know the whole team is far away from the tower, pushing a tower with TF is a bad idea alone.

This is build I’ve been using to dominate about 70% of my games. 30% of the time I get utterly destroyed because I got too aggressive, and 9 out of 10 times I die because it’s my fault rather than their skill. Good news is I took good notes and having played over 760 games of which almost half I’ve been TF, I can say I have a pretty good feel for what works best for him.

There are very few hero’s who wreck TF if you know how to play him right, and I’ll be putting the major anti-tf-hero counter’s as I’ve found. Most notably Yi and Fiddle Sticks.

What TF is also NOT: A solo hero in a 1v1 fight on equal ground. Your job is NOT to engage fully healthy, similar level heros and take them out. Your job is to make the numbers un-even. If there’s a 2v2 battle, you port in and make it 3v2. Or if blood has been spilled, you go in and mop up the pieces. You can get triple kills easily when your team loses a close 3v3 fight. You can port in, wild card the weak one and stun the healthiest. Then wild card him again with an ignite. The key with TF is playing your cards right (pun intended) and ganking when you make the odds UNEVEN in YOUR favor. If you get this wrong, and gate into a massacre, you will lose the edge of TF.

TF is not a hero who get’s better with age. If you die 2-3 times early with no kills, you will NOT recover. The opposite is true for hero’s like Yi, Shaco, Twitch etc because they get strong late game. You won’t ever get to do that because your farming ability power will be messed, your ability power will be too low, and your HP will not keep you alive in future fights. So the key with TF is EARLY domination and not dying avoidable deaths (and they are avoidable).

The good news is that if you get 2-3 kills in 10 minutes (which can be quite standard) you can literally dominate the rest of the game. I’ll get into all this later on.

Remember: Make the odds UNEVEN in your favor, don’t think you can solo any hero at equal strength, and your job is to take out their DPS.

Skill Build

  • Pick A Card
  • Wild Card
  • Wild Card
  • Gate
  • Wild Card
  • Destiny
  • Wild Card
  • Gate
  • Wild Card
  • Gate
  • Destiny
  • Gate
  • Gate
  • Pick A Card
  • Pick A Card
  • Destiny
  • Pick A Card
  • Pick A Card

Having tried a bunch of combos, this is the ideal skill build for me. The Pick A Card is perfect for harassing at level 1, and 5 man level 1 ganks it’s the best stun there is. But you don’t need damage for Pick A Card, you just want the stun. As such you will focus on leveling your Wild Card and spamming that along with your stuns.

Wild card has a ******edly low cool down, and you can spam that so bad early, mid, and late game.

Summoner Skills:

Nothing else. Flash is used to get the drop on their DPS hero and stun them. Ignite is for farming kills early game (and getting that Mejai’s nice and fat)

Item Build
  • Sapphire Crystal
  • 2 health pots
  • Sheen
  • Boots
  • Boots to Sorc Shoes
  • (optional)* Mejai’s
  • Deathfire Grasp
  • (game dependent) Guardian Mail or Abyssal Scepter or Veil or Void Staff
  • (leave spot 6 open for wards)
  • Sheen à Lich Bane
  • At some point if you farm like $4k and you want to stop warding (which I rarely do) you can maybe get a Rylai’s as a last item (goes well with guardian male)

Sapphire is perfect for keeping your mana high enough to spam wild card at level 3 and keeps you around long enough to get to level 4-5 for gating back for a refill.

If you’re doing well, get a Mejai book. If you can get 9 stacks before 18 minutes, you can 1 shot the caster creeps because of the increased ability power. This makes your farming go absolutely wild. If you are able to 1 shot casters, you should switch to farming more than ganking for the next 10 minutes (using good judgment of course, Im mearly saying you can farm wicked fast, and I’d suggest you do it).

If your not doing well, skip Mejai and go for an earlier orb in hopes if getting better burst. If you skip Mejai's, don't get it later.

The problem with TF is he CAN be weak late game, but he can also decimate. The difference is in how you play him. Now yes, a TF could never stand up to a late game Yi, Shaco, or Twtich….or….wait a second….with this build he CAN! The TF has 1 job in late game: mess up their DPS.

If there is a twitch you need to wait out of the group, and then flash and stun him when he pops out. If there is a Yi, you need to flash AWAY from him when he charges you, stun him, then pop your stuff (including orb). With Shaco, your job is to put the target reticle on him (so you know it’s not the clone), then you need to charge and the second he blinks, pop your ult, stun and pop your stuff on him. However, if shaco has gone DPS rather than AP, he’s not squishy enough for you to do this, as such, you need a guardian mail to take him (and it’s a good idea to have that for a twitch and yi opponent as well).

Self explanatory: Max out all the good offensive ones, then put a few points in mana regeneration in utility. Be sure to get the smite mastery as well.

You want about 15% magic penetration and +150 health off the bat. The health helps you stay alive more, and the magic penetration really hurts when you start spamming wild card.

Survival Guide

Level 1-6

Take solo if possible. Try to get help with golem buff to spam wild card as well. Your job here is 2 things: farm AND harass. This takes some practice, but it works well. What you do is when you see a friendly creep near low health, then you know the enemy is going to try to last hit it. That’s when you move in a pop a shot off. If ever you get in near proximity, immediately start pick a card, get a yellow and stun him. Pop wild cards and hit him 1 more time for good measure. At level 4 you can take away half their health by doing this just once.

You also want to cast wild cards with a priority towards creeps, BUT you can usually hit their hero (50% of the time) if you line them up with the shot. Try to hit the wave when it’s in a straight line. Later on when farming, you want to hit creep lines straight on, and then gold card the casters for instant kills.

Now your goal for level 1-4 is to deny him cc by hiting him when he tries to last hit, gold carding him when he gets close, and spamming wild cards on him the whole time. You shouldn’t cast Wild Card until level 3, but I like to cast it once or twice if I see lots of low HP creeps and the enemy hero is in the shot as well.

When you start approaching level 4, really spam the heck out of wild cards and be MORE aggressive to the hero. At this point there’s 2 deadly moves you can do. If you see the hero at 300 or less health, and you have the mana, then get a gold card, flash near him, stun, wild card, then ignite for a first blood.

If he’s a HALF health and you’re out of mana, do as much damage as you can (by level 4) spend all your mana then TP back to base. Now THIS time, you are going to gate WAY behind him. But you gate beside THEIR creeps. You know the 3 red ghosts and the blue ghost? You know how there’s a ramp leading from river to those creeps? Well I gate right about in the middle of those 2 spots (because when I tp they usually push the creep line). You are now behind their hero and they didn’t see you gate back. Pop a gold card, come behind him (flash if you need to) stun, wild card him, ignite him, and NOW you can also hit him a few times because he pushed (doing that extra damage needed).

Of course while you’re doing all this you want to last hit as much as possible.

Once you hit level 5-6 you need to think fast. If EVER you see opponents with pushed lanes to your tower, gate over and get a double kill. I’ve even done this as early as level 4 and it works like magic. Punish them for pushing every time you see it. Just be sure to tell your team your coming and set a target.

If you don’t get solo, you’re job should be to spam gold card and harass them so they can’t farm while your partner does. Your job in this case is to harass, farm, and if you see a chance to gate behind a weak hero and make it 2v1 or 3v2, do it. Continually watch the mini map and the health bars of your enemies.

Follow the item build guide as money allows. Always go back to base when you want mana and health refills.

Mid Game 7-13

Now the story changes in your favor. If you haven’t fed and you’ve got a kill or 2, now you are a deadly force. The key is making moves VERY carefully. If you die and waste a gate, that’s a ton of lost money, experience, and the edge you need to keep the odds uneven.

At this stage you need to be very aware of MIA’s. It’s a good idea to farm the weaker creeps whenever your creep waves gets pushed to far. Basically you just keep watching the map to pick of weak heroes or get the drop on an even fight to make it uneven. They will likely be ganking your team now. And that’s OK! Your job is to counter that. When you see a gank hero pop in a lane, you pop your ult, gold card, and kill them QUICKLY. At this stage you can drop a twitch, yi, eve, annie in 1 second flat (with a level 4-5 wild card, a sheen, sorc shoes, and ignite, it REALLY hurts, plus your 15% magic pen runes).

The key again is NOT getting yourself killed. Don’t gate in where you see a lone hero but stunners RELATIVELY near by. They will catch up and kill you. And you CAN’T die. This is the part of the game I like to farm HARD and gank situation permitting. Focus on jungling, and pushing the creep lines top mid and bottom.

Also, if there is an eve, twitch or shaco, I like to pop my ult from time to time when Im with my friends walking around. Often you’ll find them scouting you and you can get a quick and easy kill.

The Blue Card SIKE!

This is funny.

For some reason, people seem to think TF is a wimp. Espsically twtich. If I see a low enough health hero (like 40%) and Im at least 50-60% and they are close to a tower. I like to sometimes FAKE them. Ill get a blue card, and then start RUNNING. THey foolishly CHASE me. So what do I do? Turn around, hit them with a blue, turn it into a yellow, stun, and kill them. Try it out when you want to bait someone, fake a blue and see if they charge.

The Blue Card Bruiser

Sometimes when your trying to finish off a tank, it's not a good idea to stun them right away. If you think they have a little TOO much health, then you should try hitting them with a blue card once or twice FIRST and then gold carding them. But you need to chase and attack, and that takes practice.

Late Game 14+

You’ve got your orb. Now you need to think. If you see a twich, Yi, or Shaco, get a guardian mail. With a guardian mail you can solo everyone of them.

Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to push towers alone. You do TOO little damage (even when spamming blue card because we don’t level it). And if you didn’t know, when you hit towers, use blue card over and over, finishing on a yellow.

Your job at this phase is WARDS!!!!!!! Place wards EVERY where. Map awareness is key. Keep an eye on baron (esp if there is a yi) and try to steal it.

Also you need to avoid their disablers. However I should note an interesting phenomina with TF. Since I play SUPER aggressive (for better or for worse) I find myself initiating fights more than I should. This works well for a counter intuitive reason.

Often Ill gate into a 5 man group, and take out their DPS. Now what happens (9 times out of ten) is ALL 4 remaining heros pop their moves on me. 3 things now happen: #1. I flash away from danger, and now its 5v4 and we win. #2. I get killed, but now their moves are all on CD and my team moves in to ace them. #3. My guardian mail keeps me alive and we mop up the rest 5v4.

People think TF is squishy, he sure is, but he can kill your DPS so fast it makes your head spin. And if everyone wastes their moves on you, then your team gets to mop them up!

Hero Countering Strategies

#1. Enemy Fiddle Sticks: This guy is your WORST nightmare. His fear will get off BEFORE you can stun him. Then it’s simply a matter of silencing you and draining your life. Fiddle will ALWAYS kill you (assuming he’s good) so ALWAYS avoid him until his fear is down. The key to countering fiddle is waiting until he blasts his ult then running in with gold card. Stun him, pop wild cards, and a little deathfire grasp and it’s gg. Even BETTER (and this is where wards come in) is when you see he’s setting up for his ult, flash over to him and stun him before he can cast. Bottom line: When there is a fiddle sticks, never initiate, you much counter his moves and you can only attack him when his fear is down. When there is a fiddle, you absolutely must get a veil after your grasp, and even better get a guardian mail after that.

#2. Enemy: Yi. A level 12 Yi can solo a poorly prepared TF lvl 18 (and even a well prepared one). The problem is Yi like to farm, as does TF. When Yi pops out of the forest with a red run, you’re ass is gg’d…

So how do you beat Yi? Well first of all you get the optional item guardian mail. Now killing him depends on what items he gets. If he DOESN’T get life steal, it’s simply a matter of stunning him before he hits you, hit with wild card and orb, and it’s GG. Often he won’t kill you because the armor of guardian keeps you alive and your AP hurts him so badly. If he DOES get life steal you need to play it different. You need to hit him with a wild card ONCE before initiating the fight. Then you can flash in and repeat. It’s harder to do but if you can’t get the first hit with a wild card, don’t let him engage you. If he pops his ult, you can’t run, so flash and stun are you only chances.