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Do you think the current Rune System Should Change?

Yes 18 78.26%
No 5 21.74%
Voters 23 .

[ GUIDE ] - Buy Runes, or Sell Runes...?

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Silent Reaper:
For example...when i combined a few runes the other day i got a Purple Rune that gave an addadtive bonus which at level 18 gave 3.94 Hp Regen per 5 seconds. When i tried looking for this Runes (at tier 2, a purple rune) in the store, it was unavailable... The only one i found gave only 2.1 Hp Reg per 5 seconds... See my point?

I think you just missed the HP Regen/Level rune. If there really is a "hidden" rune, it is most likely a bugged remnant of the beta test runes.

Anyway, it's never worth it to combine runes. While you say it's a ~1/14 chance to get a rune you "want", that is technically true if you have 0/30 of the optimal rune page that you are looking for.

However, certain runes will help your build more than others. These are the ones you should buy first. For example, a Magical DPS will benefit much more from red Magic Penetration while a support class may benefit more from Blue -CD%, and a tank will benefit more from Yellow dodge. Even though all 3 may use some combination of the above runes, you want to get the ones that are the most important first.

Additionally, many of the tier 3 runes (except quints) are relatively cheap. There are only a handful of runes that cost 820 IP. Generally, there are 410 IP runes that can easily replace them.

The randomness of the combiner also means that if you are very unlucky, you may never get your desired runes.

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Silent Reaper

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So is the Rune system bugged...?

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"special" runes? Do tell! I combined hundreds of runes and I haven't seen a special one yet.