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League Champions being Recruited

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I personally love the Mega man lore. Personally I was told that Dr Light and Dr. Whiley were family. I knew they went to the same college but I have never been able to confirm that they are related.

On another note Mega man Legends has lore back story and its own universe. Too bad that branch of Mega man was never continued past game 2.

Also trolling and talking down about the lore of a game in the lore forum of the game sounds kind of silly why was that guy even here.

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Champions are generally free to come and go as they please (except when summoned for a match). They don't have to stay at the Institute.

In the case of Garen, the idea was that he was drafted into the military when he was younger. Being boarded at the military, coming up as one of their premiere officers and being sent off on special missions, joining the League, and generally just serving the needs of Demacia kept him busy.

Which begs the question of... did he also protest to being taken away, just like Lux? Is he angry with his family? And why didn't he go back to see his sister?

Mundo goes where he pleases