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Item builds?

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I imagine there has to be a thread for this somewhere, but I haven't found it so if there is please point me in the right direction.

I'm looking for recomendations on basic item builds. I realize this will change a lot depending on your opponents, but there should at least be a basic shell/starting point for melee dps, ranged dps, magic, etc.

With most physical characters I like to start building up to a phantom dancer....which is probably not the best start, but I really like it. So looking for other suggestions on what items to get in what order. Thanks.

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Bad, Good, or great player this entirely depends alot on the game. But in my experience in this game and dota you need to think about whats going to happen right off the bat first. If you feel the game is gonna be heavy on harass open with a little Hp reg. (nothing espensive) if you want to spam and harass start working on a chalice (i love that thing). then start thinking of your next item. sometimes you can warrant one of the movement boots early if it offers a stat for the cheap, but most of the time if you arent getting pup stomped you can look at your enemy and decide what works best. Lots of casters, sheen is a nice start. A character that benefits from a fast attack a zeal is a good jumping point for some simply awsome weaponry. My suggestion would be to look through the items and really think when each would be useful and on what type of char ( im still doing this). Getting past the point of using 'shells' for your characters takes time, one which im still working on. But in general asses what stat your character needs and think about cheap items that can come in handing later, dont walk out of the base with boots, and think more regen and survial and what will keep you laning long enough to get the money for your first good purchase! im realatively new to lol, but played dota for a while and this bit of advice really helped my gameplay. hope it helps, if you ever wanna play in game just it me up!

The Kitten

PS. Not buying speed boots as your very first item is a rule to live by. if nothing else, just dont do that. the extra speed from the first boots option as soon as the game starts wont help you stay in the lane longer or avoid getting killed 99% of the time.

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Completely depends on what champion you're using. "General" item builds don't really work.

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A good item build has to have items that are as effective as possible for the lowest price as possible. Items like Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster, Black Cleaver, Frozen Heart, Warmogs, etc.. they are really expensive but give great stats. Most new players tend to start building one of those items and miss out on some great items that if they bought, they could do much better in the early game. It's all about winning as fast as possible, which does mean killing the enemy and not dieing yourself, but also pushing lanes and whatever.

There are plenty of "mid-level" items that cost ~2000 and they give good stats and mostly a unique skill - for example Last Whisper gives +20 attack, +40% attack speed AND +40% armour penetration, all for around 2000 silver. That 40% armour penetration won't increase your attack but it will drastically increase your DPS.

Also if you're going for survival, it helps to get an item that gives health, no matter how small, as well as whatever it's main stat is. Phage for example gives +250 HP, +18 attack and 25% chance to slow on it. The best thing about Phage is that it can be built to Frozen Mallet, which gives +800 HP, +20 attack and 100% chance to slow.. this means you can buy the Phage early on (super cheap) and then buy the frozen mallet after you've finished getting some other main items (attack speed or whatever else you're going for).

Ok, some good builds IMO (I'm not the best player but these suit me very well):

In terms of range chars I've only used Ashe and Teemo but this sort of build works great for both and should suit any ranged DPS char
Vampiric Scepter as first item
Executioners Calling - built from Vamp Scepter. Cheap, should be buyable on first trip back.
Berserkers Greaves - Nice attack speed boost, and movement speed is v. important :3
Rage Blade - May need to buy in parts, fairly cheap, gives nice attack and AP boost (don't bother with this if your char is not very good at AP. Ashe for example)
Malady - You're going for attack speed, so having the +5 p/attack effect will be effective, great atk speed and life steal helps you survive (over 30% lifesteal from this + executioners calling)
Last Whisper - Attack boost, definitely get this if you did not get rage blade.
Phantom Dancer - A legendary item, and the best for any DPS char by far. Easy to build (cheap build items) and very effective.
Phage - You want the enemy to run from you, so they're not attacking you, but you also need them to stop so you can kill them :3 Build to frozen mallet if you have time.
If the game lasts long enough, you will need an attack boost (though you will have +70 attack or so if you bought last whisper, rage blade AND phage), so I suggest selling Executioners Calling - people will have large HP and make it less effective by now (IGNORE THAT if you're facing ANY healing character, e.g. Mundo) and getting Infinity Edge or Black Cleaver, depending on what you want

I'm just going to kinda make this up but it should work well
Regrowth Pendant - Decent first item
Ninja Tabi - This is really up to you, but it gives a nice dodge boost, and armour, as well as being the cheapest boots. Invaluable IMO, but choose boots that suit you
Brutalizer - Cheap and cheerful. The 10% cooldown reduction should benefit most characters. The attack it gives is great for price, and nice armour penetration for early game
Last Whisper - Mainly for the attack speed and armour penetration
Phantom Dancer - Shouldn't be a bad time to get this. The dodge is very awesome, as well as.. everything else.
Phage - Attack and health is good. If you're dieing a lot, get Warmogs Armour (you will already have regrowth pendant so it's just working on that), if you want more attack.. build bloodthirster/infinity edge/black cleaver, whichever suits you (just remember Infinity Edge gives extra crit damage and you should have decent crit chance with Phantom Dancer)

As for AP based characters, no idea :P But yeah, you should mould every build to the specific character.

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"Default" builds are as follows:

Physical DPS:
Start with boots + 3 Health Pots
Build Last Whisper + Basic Boots
Build Berserker's Greaves
Build Infinity Edge
Build Phantom Dancer or Bloodthirster (depending on if your character has abilities based on damage and if a teammate has Stark's)

Sapphire Crystal + 2 Health Pots
Build Catalyst + Basic Boots (+ Mejai's if you're cleaning house)
Build Rod of Ages
Build Sorc Boots
Build Second Rod of Ages or Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Build Void Staff (if they're stacking MR) or Zhonya's Ring

Sapphire Crystal + 2 Health Pots
Build Sheen + Basic Boots
Build towards Trinity Force or build another AP item Lichbane (as Lichbane's damage on it's own is actually worse than sheen)
Boots of Choice
Finish Trinity Force or Lichbane
Build Phantom Dancer or Zhonya's (depending on which route)

Cloth Armor + 5 Health Pots
Build Heart of Gold + Basic Boots
Build Warmogg's Living Armor
Upgrade boots (Ninja if mostly Physical, Merc's if mostly magic, Swiftness/Mobility if balanced)
Build Second Warmogg's or Sunfire
Build Force of Nature and Atma's Impaler

Meki Pendant + 2 Pots/Mana Manipulator
Build Stark's Fervor or Aegis of the Legion + Basic Boots
Build Boots of Mobility + other of Starks/Aegis
Build Frozen Heart