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What NOT to do with Katarina

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Alternatively, this can be a guide, but if people start playing like me, I'll never play Katarina again.

Every time I see a Katarina on my team at Champion Select, I want to queue dodge. I don't do it because that's a lame way out, but honestly I hate playing with the bads because they really know how to screw up a game. You really can't go wrong with any offensive spells, so you can't see much indication of when to queue dodge a bad Kat, you just have to trust that gut feeling.

First of all, when you're starting out as Kat, DO NOT get a Vampiric Scepter. You can spend a little more than half the gold and get rejuv beads, which will offer you more regeneration because autoattacking early game as Katarina is terrible.

Don't buy ZEAL. You don't need attack speed, you don't need crit%. Move speed is nice, but you can get that in your runes or your screwed up masteries. It's not going to help you get away when you're slowed, and it's not going to make a difference when you chase since your item choice is subpar.

Look at the numbers. Do you really want Ability Power? 35%? You won't get enough money for absurd amounts of Ability Power until late game. Why? Because you start with 0 ability power. Half of the items waste their stat points on something you do not have, do not want and will not get. MANA. In a game with semi-intelligent players, you will get enough gold for about 250 Ability Power. ~88 damage for your ult. When you get 65% of your damage, and when I play even in the most dismal of games, I have at least 150 damage, which contributes ~100 damage to my ultimate.

There is no wrong way to play Katarina, because the game won't turn itself off if you're breathing out your mouth and doing stupid things, but when I go to play a new hero, I look at abilities, AP ratios, items and pretty much everything in this forum.


As for how I play Katarina (and am yet to be outplayed when mirror matching), I play like a typical internet persona would dictate. A huge jerk. I can make a halfass guide here for you.

Starting Items: Doran's Shield, and Health Potion. I never use the health potion because Doran's is good enough and nobody messes with me anyway. Maybe if you want to use this as a guide, you can buy a MANA potion and psych everyone out to think you're an idiot.

Red - Spell Penetration
Yellow - +hp/Level
Blue - Cooldown Reduction
Quintessence - Cooldown Reduction OR Move Speed
Masteries: 21-0-9.

Offensive you want the AP, CRIT%, CD Reuction, Spell Pen%, +damage, +damage to creeps, Improved Rally, and Havoc. For filler, toss the last of them in Armor Penetration.

Utility you want Awareness, because the higher level you are, the better you can spam your abilities. The gold per 10 is really small, but I use it anyway, and Improved Teleport. You can swap that out for anything else, but Teleport keeps you in the action and at the same level, if not higher than everyone else.

If you take a lane with someone, make sure its someone who is aggressive, has a slow, stun, snare or toss, and harass. If you solo, make sure you keep heat on the enemy champion.

Level 1 you should be focused on creep killing. Being that level 1 lasts all of two creep waves TOPS, you can expect to make at least 50-150 gold.

Level 2 is when you have Shunpo and Dagger. Dagger first. Soften up your target. If they run out of range, shunpo a creep, get a kill, and last hit. If they get hit by the dagger, good. When they get low, they should back. If they don't get back, coordinate yourself to be able to kill them with a Shunpo (+1 attack) and Dagger combination.

This should last you until Level 6. No need for Killer Instincts unless your opponent is a ranged attacker like Teemo or Tristana, someone who you'll dagger+shunpo and run. At 4, you hit the crossroads. Max Bouncing Blade or Shunpo first? Shunpo scales with the lower levels faster, each level adds 30 damage and reduced the cooldown. If you have ranged champs griefing you, pick Dagger and smack em one.

When you go back at any point, build the following items:

Boots of Choice (boots are my defensive item. If they are melee carry heavy, get Ninja Tabi, caster/slow/Teemo Mushroom heavy, take Mercury's Treads. If you're confident no one will hit you ever, and you're able to never get hit, slowed, singled out, or bumrushed, take Sorcerer's Shoes for the penetration, but don't blame me for getting trucked by a bunch of slows.)

Sprit Visage: It's your health regen item. It's huge. The regen is good enough to keep you in a lane against the worst harassers. The cooldown reduction is great, and it has magic resistance so abilities hurt you less. Coupled with Doran's Shield, you have a lot of regen.

The Brutalizer: 10% more reduced cooldowns. +25 damage. That damage works for your dagger, which you can now use more frequently, and your next attack after Shunpo, which is negligible, but count it. Armor penetration isn't huge, but you want reduced cooldowns to spam more. You have no mana, so if you take Golem, shoot yourself in the face, because there's more often than not, a mage that wants that for the mana regen.

Those are your early game items. If you have all of them by 6, you're good at last hitting and keeping your peace of mind in your lane. If not, you're getting shut down and probably really annoyed, because odds are (and this is the only problem I ever have) is that you're laned against Blitzcrank and some other clown that can hurt you good. I usually have these by at the latest, level 7. They're all cheap. Treads, Visage and Brutalizer are altogether under 5000 gold, which should take you no time because you can spam abilities like no other.

If you need more health than your runes and Doran's Shield grant you before 11, you're doing it wrong. You should be denying the enemy the chance to farm, and taking everything for yourself. Since I stopped at level 6, I'll pick it back up now. This is your ult. There are no others like it. Without it, you are not fun to play. You are useless and you do not own. You do not rape, you do not KILL. When you're 6, you use it in dire emergencies and need to scare your enemy away, or when you want to finish someone off at low health. When you are 6, it hits one person at random. Usually the closest. Do not rely on it in a team fight.

Continue with Bouncing Blade and Shunpo until 11. Now that you're 11, your ult hits two people, and the base magic damage it deals is higher. Work on improving this, because now is the time you shine. You need to get more damage. What is the best gold efficient way to get damage? B.F. Swords. B.F. Swords are going to be your Best Friends (I ruin your acronym) because they do the most damage for the gold. Whenever you have an empty space, you will get a B.F. Sword, and eventually turn that into a Bloodthirster. Don't forget to feed your new Best Friend, because it improves your damage by 26 more when fully fed. You can get two of these because if you're reading closely, I never said you could throw away your Doran's Shield yet.

And you're wondering where the survivability comes in. You want more health or something right? Go ahead and get a Frozen Mallet if you absolutely need to. By the time you get your first Bloodthirster, everyone should be like paper to your ultimate. If you want that health, or foresee that you will need it, get it after the first Bloodthirster, when gold should be pouring in for you. If you're good with ganking or even just picking Champions off by yourself, you should have about 3000 gold by the time you're coming back to the base with your one and only Bloodthirster.

Got another spot in your inventory? Buy another Bloodthirster if you're having fun. Buy a frozen mallet if you want to look beefier. If you just want to have fun, stop building damage for a minute and buy a Rylai's. You spam your abilities a lot more than you will with your auto attacks. Shunpo should be on a 4 second cooldown. You get a decent amount of health, everyone gets slowed by all of your abilities (save for Killer Instincts) and your Shunpo hits a little bit harder.

If the game isn't over your inventory should look like this:

Doran's Shield
Boots (Mercury's Treads in most situations)
The Brutalizer
Spirit Visage
The Bloodthirster
Bloodthirster/Rylai's/Frozen Mallet

You'll want to get rid of Doran's Shield in lieu of your chosen Rylai's or Mallet, or maybe even a THIRD Bloodthirster. But other than that, you'll want to keep your cooldown reduction items. Getting rid of them now will be a difficult transition and you will get overzealous and start a dying spree. Dying sprees are the opposite of what you're going for.

As soon as you hit 18, you're likely the first to do it, unless you laned with someone and your solo mid carry is dominating as hard as you (if not more because he stole your kills in between ult daggers).

Ideally your ultimate is on a 40 second cooldown, which is short enough that you can run from lane to lane and use it. Your ultimate is best coupled with a good slow, stun or snare. You can cancel it whenever you want by moving or using another ability. When a jerk like Rammus can run out of it before you're done, Shunpo and Dagger should be back up so you can keep hitting the stragglers. Improved Rally beefs up your ultimate. Late game your daggers should be something to be afraid of.


Get smart items. Reduce cooldowns without stealing golem from a mana user. Damage.
Harass. Always harass when you can, or when your ultimate is unavailable or when it would be stupid to use it.
Base your items around your ultimate, and the other abilities will thank you.
Shunpo in, Shunpo out.

Servers are back up.

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I will reserve this space to summarize the feedback that I get, which should consist of no more than "THIS GUIDE RULES THANK YOU!!!!!!!!ONEonefifteen," to which I will respond that it wasn't intended to be a guide, but more to tell people how not to play, but I got bored and forced my playstyle as a "this is how you should do it" post. Sort of like a Katarina Bible, except I won't get a huge following that will kill non-believers.

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Senior Member


Interesting. Not played much Kat, though what I did seemed good.

What's your opinion of the 'tank-Kat' you sometimes see, which includes a Warmogs as a core item? Not sure how the rest of it goes.

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Beegly Boogs

Senior Member


I like furor's guide better, because he's top tier.

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I usually see a tank Kat. They get a regrowth pendant at the beginning and make nothing with it for the first 20 minutes. That's okay, but you can get a lot of kills if you work on the main focus of an assassin: damage. Suppose you could finish a Warmogs in the best of situations, everyone feeding you. You get it at 10-12 minutes. It doesn't make you any more of a threat than you already are. You deal the same damage, you just have so much health no one can kill you. The way I play, I can shunpo so fast, no one can kill me. The difference? Probably over 5000 gold. Seriously. Count the cost of Warmog's, the possible kills, and the ability to last hit a creep every 3 seconds in the span it takes for someone to finish a Warmog's.

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i like furor's guide better, because he's top tier. :d

Oh. That's nice. Because MINE ISN'T A GUIDE. It's a "don't play Katarina around me if you're going to fail" thread.

Last game I played went for too long because I played in the bottom bracket with a bunch of level 15-21.

When I finished my second Bloodthirster selling Doran's I accumulated (seriously) over 9000 gold. I sold the Brutalizer and Spirit Visage, bought a Nashor's Tooth and an Infinity Edge, just in case a get in a couple s****s. Keeps the CDR, ups the ability power for shunpo, and honestly, I probably should have gotten a frozen heart in my losing situation, but oh well. I was critting Soraka for 650 while she TRIED to run from me. Score chart.