Camera Suggestions

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KaZ Neosis

Senior Member


I'm compiling a few Ideas for the Camera suggestions, We all know the Purple side's locked camera is just terrible, along with a few more suggestions.

Purple side gets a rotation, making both sides appear as if they were both on blue side, disadvantage would be that the mini-map would be harder to read for newer players.

Dynamic Zoom based on skill range. As Xerath, is range extends as his Q charges, what if the camera Zoomed out allowing the player to see his full range without constantly switching from locked to unlocked, I imagine this would only work for more close skills as Xerath's ult really can't take advantage of the zooming out.

Semi-Locked Camera, During locked Camera the player could hold the middle mouse button and control the camera, releasing it would snap the camera back into locked, OR the camera could be controlled during locked only if the mouse touches the corners of the screen, after a short delay snap back to the player's champ.

General more camera Zoom-out, allowing more visibility while locked, Disadvantage would be that Unlocked camera players could take more advantage from having more visible area on the screen

Adaptive Camera weaving, Most players aren't going to switch to unlocked camera, but if players could be trained unlocked without drastically changing their skill (Most would do worse), players would rather take an easier route than losing a rather few games to master unlocked camera

I myself prefer Locked camera, I do unlock the camera to aim certain skill-shots, but fact is, a good number of champs are better off locked, but that's is solely player preference