item bulds

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post ur fav item builds for ur fav heroes here. Share with the world how u build an ap Cho -Gath or how u build a crit spamming gangplank

Post and discuss


ill start

i always begin my gangplank with brawlers gloves so i can get a quick build into avarice blade then go for the second avarice blade followed by sorcerers shoes for the extra damage with parlay and cannon barrage later on. I then go executioners calling followed by sheen then zeal which i then make into phantom dancer.Then i sell the first avarice blade and go bf sword so i can get an infinity edge then replace the executioners calling with bloodthirstier then the second avarice blade for a black cleaver.Then finally make sheen into trinity force.Please not that i constantly last hit with parley for more gold and i have masteries like greed as well as runes for extra cash and combined with the avarice blades u can make almost 1k gold in 5 minutes.By the time i am done which is usually l8 game i crit people for half their health with parley.