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Possible Shaco Changes

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I think Shaco needs a major buff, I am very good with Shaco. So being very good with Shaco I get a normal max of around 6-10 kills. I am also pretty good with Yi, but, with Yi I have a usual max of 20-30 kills. Not bragging, just showing the difference. Shaco was insane when the BotO added crit damage, and now he's pretty useless and with his base skills and stats could be EASILY taken out 1v1 by any champ. I know this because I have such low damage and health off the start that I need to be extremely careful of other champs, and this is with health quints and armor pen runes

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Pure Phoenix:
If they could re-work shaco and keep his current effectiveness or playstyle, i'd agree with you.
Chances of that happening are very slim though.

I hope you all realise that it's general consensus that Shaco is the hardest champion to master.
Just because you do badly with him doesn't mean he's under-powered or needs changing.

I do great with him on average and beleive he needs no change at all.

When did anyone say they do bad with him? im 30 - 10 ranked gamed as shaco. Almost all were played as AP shaco. And they need to tweak some of his spells its pretty obvious that his mechanics are bad