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Kayle's taunt mixing issue

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When kayle says "the afterlife" in her taunt, its very quiet. Which is sad, since its such a great taunt and you sometimes want to do it during loud moments of the game - ex, "An Enemy has been slain."

For that matter, I think the volume on buffs should be increased. Playing kayle, the visual queue only goes so far when you ult - its really the sound that tells me when I'm ulted. Of course, thats only because I play kayle. Can kayle's ult volume (and general buff volumes in general) be increased? This would also improve the effectiveness of support in low/normal ELOs, which I think is a real large (not to mention tough to fix) problem with the current meta or whatever fancy way people say "the way the game is played."


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You can set up the volume yourself for many things in the game...