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Should Riot add 2 more ninjas to thew roster?

Hell yeah! 4 80%
Only if at least one of them is non-human. 1 20%
I don't care. 0 0%
No! For the love of God, NOOOOO!!! 0 0%
Voters 5 .

[Poll] Would you like to see 2 more ninjas to complete the team?

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Senior Member


I really think that the 3 ninjas were a good addition to the game and we should have a complete team of five of them, That is two more. Would also make buying energy runes more rewarding.

I personally think that one should be a support/mage, the other a physical DPS. But that's just my opinion and not subject to the poll.

Of course they could be non-human too! Ninja minotaur FTW!