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Need a reliable Teemo build.

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As Teemo I like to start with Doran's, because it allows me to take some damage and help out my lane partner. I do not solo as Teemo, I feel his early game gank potential is to high to be wasted on soloing.

I play DPS Teemo.

After Dorans I get Zerkers. This is because The extra attack speed allows me to stack poison, as well as get extra hits off of fleeing enemies and allows me to proc item effects, if the items I build end up having said effects.

I build bloodrazor asap if their team is stacking HP. Followed by last whisper if they are armor heavy.

I've heard malady + whit's end do more DPS than I.E. This may seem especialy true with teemo since they both give a/s which stacks his poison.

And I.E. seems like kind of a waste since I don't have any crit runes.

I always try to get Frozen Mallet, because of the health and the slow for end-game.

I need help figuring out a good anti-carry build. However one that allows me to be self-suficient when I am jungling behind enemy lines to put down shrooms.

And one that can be adapted to tanks, or casters without totally crippling the anti-carry aspect of the build.

I'm looking for big damamge mid-ish game ideally. To consolidate my teams map control. I also want to be capable of making up for my teams' possible incomptenece, despite teemo being squishy.

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Trux 42

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While it's not exactly what you're looking for, I thought I'd share for another point of view. I actually play a crit damage (spec and masteries) Teemo due to the start-mid game revolving around hit+running I grab BF sword ASAP to get the most out of that style of play, which also in turn plays into some nice gank potential.

Unless I'm forced to lane another ranged in mid I prioritise toxic shot over blind and ideally lane against a carry. Tee's anti-carry capabilities are a lot more significant in the early game due to preventing farming/killing dumb carries. Late-game carries aren't as big of a deal if you're with a competent team and become a joke if you cut them off from the beginning. Any combination of flash/dodge and exhaust/ignite work perfectly for this. I opt for ignite because it scales better and starts off just as well for the sake of FB's imho.

boots 1 when needed
BF sword
Squeezing in other items and counters where required, if forced to BP, or god forbid die.

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I also want to be capable of making up for my teams' possible incomptenece, despite teemo being squishy.

That is the main problem I had early on solo queuing with Teemo, unrealiable teammates. In order to offset that, the following is the build I used for dps Teemo.

Doran's shield + health pot
mercury treads
phage (later upgrade to frozen mallet)
Madred's razor (later upgraded to blood razor)
Wit's End

I upgrade the phage and razor, and purchase the Wit's end depending on how the game is progressing and what I think will benefit me more at that stage. This build gives you around 117 armor, 114 magic resist, and 2861 health. You also have some health regen and descent life steal and yet still hit pretty freaking hard.

If the game drags on beyond that, I'd sell Doran's shield and get a high tier damage item (usually bloodthirster or black cleaver) or a defensive item such as Aegis or Guardian Angel.

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You just have to adapt based on your enemy team's composition.

I don't get Wit's End unless I'm fighting people who are mana reliant. Last Whisper isn't really needed unless you're against tanks.

Personally, I go

Greaves, Malady, Stark's, Mallet, Bloodthirster (fill last slot to adapt to enemy).