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Fix The Combiner

Yes, make the combiner show a preview of the rune/possible runes 3 50%
No, keep it how it is 3 50%
Voters 6 .

Fix The Combiner

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while I agree there are far, far bigger problems in the game (still praying for the day this game is actually balanced) I still wanna show support for changing how the combiner works.

I'll never be super hardcore, which means i'll never have IP flowing outta every orifice. As my ELO increases or I simply wanna change my rune page for a new champ, I'd love to know at least roughly what I could get for my stuff. An easier way would simply be a % refund of existing runes (50% or whatever). I'd rather have a little extra IP to work with in developing a solid rune page then gambling and getting a giant jumble that won't help me at all.