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@Riot, What do you think about hero or class specific runes?

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Here's why. As a tank for example, if you choose a defensive strategy, it becomes a difficult choice due to the dynamic nature of team composition. Currently, if you build defensively you either build runes for hp, armor, magic resist or a mix. However, it's not possible to build purely for armor or magic resist, since we blindly go into each game. So, not knowing what to expect the most logical decision is to build a mix. Which limits overall potential since you can't stack runes of a specific damage type.


In its current form, the game mode and rune system clearly favor dps hereos. They make the simple choice... stack crit damage/chance then either armor or magic penetration depending on who they play.

What we need are runes that are hero role or class specific. I know people are going to say that draft mode will fix this... and they may be right.

However, that is based purely on speculation since...
A: It doesn't exist.
B: We have no idea how something that doesn't exist will work.
C: It's coming based on some undefined future date (6-9 months? Who knows.).

Overall, I think hero role or class specific runes are a good idea and will bring about more customization to a hero and give us the ability to focus on a hero's key roll. Whie keeping a hero who the runes aren't meant for from being over powered by using them.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

Don't just give me thumbs down without saying why. I'd like to hear your opinion.


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it would be interesting, id say something like a insert champ name here rune pack, that would be cool anyways. so much ip for a mundo rune pack would be nice

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> favor dps hereos
so you say you can't pick defense runes only because you'd be too screwed if they came with 3 mages and a mercury threads+banshee's veil wouldn't be enough?

Edit: And I think what you propose has no relation to your argument at all. But it sounds interesting and fun. Just not particularly meaningful or important and hard to balance.

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more interesting runes might be nice though -> Quint level rune

Sucker Punch: Every 5 auto attacks recieved from an enemy champion, your character deals them a nuke worth 10 dmg per level

Great early game (3 will give you a good size level 6 nuke in your pocket) and scales reasonably well as the game progresses. Not as handy as that % CD you could have had instead but a nice surprise for careless champs nthat could net you a kills or two