Annie is not always RQW...

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This is just a pet peev of mine, but people are messing up saying that Annie is only RQW. True, she has a 1-2-3 combo, but it changes based on situation.

The 1v1 situation is the first where you change it to QRW. You dont need the AoE from bear-bomb for 1v1. However, in 1v1, if you use QRW you benefit slightly, but sometimes its enough to land the kill. By using Q first you starts its CD, this means that by the time you get to W your Q is already rfreshed. This means you can turn your combo into QRWQ, adding on the extra Q damage. You can say you can do the same with RQW, but in reality they will start running out of range before the CD finishes. Also, this method delays using exhaust (I always use exhaust on Annie and highly highy recommend others using it), which means you can keep them close to you longer, this in turn allows for an extra Q and your W will refresh. By using this in a 1v1 you end up with QRWQWQ; a lot of damage.

The negatives of the above mentioned is that you dont get a tibbers swing or AoE tick as early. Though the benefits to timing really do outshine. Plus, if you drop tibbers, it usually means you have to burn exhaust earlier as you would need to rework your CDs as well as it would allow tibbers a few swings/ticks.

Another situation is more than one enemy, but you predict a team fight developing shortly. Here you open with WQ, and hold out on the R. If you pop R, they may very well run, and you just blew a super useful CD you would have used to help your team with the team fight. If they are risking it, then pop that R if you secure the kill. Otherwise the combo becomes WQQ. This because you want to stun both rather than one, and also start that CD on the AOE so that it is available in case multiple are still around. Basically, you want to maximize your AoE damage without necessarily popping tibbers. Remember, W is around 7 seconds CD, Tibbers is much much longer, and Tibbers is not super necessary just long CD burst. This depends on your enemies and your predictions on the short-term future.

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This probably belongs in Guides and Strategies but interesting bit of annie strat nonetheless.