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Age of Aquarius

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As some of you should know, we are currently living in the age of aquarius. As Berger would say, when peace will rule the galaxy.

This is a proposal of a new style of game, when peace will rule us all. It is like Bravery game, but is named Age of Aquarious.

You can choose whatever champion you want, with whatever bulid you like, but you must preach peace. You MUST NOT murder any champion of the other team. You need to destroy towers and forgive those who attack you. You can hurt them, or even harass, but never score a kill.

The only way that you can score kills, is if the game passed 40 minutes and the other team trash talked you anyhow.

In the end of game, you must write in chat the letter of age of aquarius, you can even synchronize (?), every member of team says an part of song.

Here is a picture of my first aquarius game: