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[Champion Suggestion] Darixx, Shield-Master

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Lore: Darixx joined the Demacian Army at a young age due to his obsession with protecting anyone unable to protect themselves. In training when offered a sword and shield he opted with taking two of the latter. His fighting style was criticized till he proved himself in a battle in which they were ambushed by Noxians and he single handedly protected every soldier. He was then promoted and teaches others to use his fighting style which is preferred by many guards and front line soldiers.

Voice: Deep, noble voice.

Selection: My shield is yours.

Attack: For Justice!

Movement: At your command. & A good defense is better than any offense.

Taunt: You wish to harm me, I think not.

Joke: A shield is greater than a sword or pen.

-Tank, Tough, Stun
Attack- Medium

Statistics (Gained per Level)

HP: 461 (98)

Mana: 0 (0)

Armor: 20 (4.3)

Magic Resist: 30 (1.25)

Dodge: 0 (0)

Damage: 52 (2.75)

Atk. Range: Medium (Between ranged and melee) Throws his left hand shield.

Atk. Speed: 0.87 (2.7%)

Mov. Speed: 320

My ideas for him revolve around not using mana but rather his passive being that when he takes damage the cooldowns on his abilities are shortened.

Passive: As Darixx is damaged in combat his cooldowns are reduced.

Move 1: Great Ward-Darixx places a stationary shield that absorbs projectiles and blocking enemy movement until destroyed.

(Works like this say someone casts a spell at you, Annie's Incinerate, run behind it in time and it will hit the shield. Also for things like Mundo's cleaver or Nidalee's spear.)

Move 2: Warriors Protection
Passive: Enemy spells that hit Darixx cause him to gain a permanent damage increase.
Active: When activated Darixx relfects a targeted ability back at the user.

Move 3: Shield Rush-Darixx charges in a straight line stunning all in his path, the farther in his path he gains momentum resulting in a longer stun.

Ultimate: Grand Protector-All damage taken by nearby heroes is redirected to Darixx and reduced a great deal for a short amount of time.

-Base Cooldown:2 Min-3 Min

Alright that is my rough draft and I will continue to edit it with solid numbers on abilities, I would also like any constructive views on the abilities. My view of him is the ultimate tank as you can tell by his abilities.

Also this is a good concept of what he could look like, just take away the sword and replace with another shield. Making a shield a bit smaller for ease of use.

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Move 1:
How much damage could the shield take? The same as a creep or rally/ward? Cause otherwise that seems too op for a Q. I could understand having the shield as his ult, and then make it have as much health as Shaco's clone. Maybe more def, though, since the shield wouldn't atk like the clone.

Move 2:
Perma dmg increase? Op much?

Move 3:
How long of a stun range? .5-5 seconds? Otherwise, just have this move like Malphites' where is stuns for a decent amount of time, at the end of the charge. Or even better, have it be a knock back.

I kinda like the idea, actually. But I'm not quite sure how well it would do in-game. That would definitely need to be tested.

Positive comments:
I like all of his sayings.

Negative / Room for Improvement:
Maybe make Q his Ult, and then have Q be a shield of some sort, like Morgana's. I think that would be suiting to his character.

We already have Gem Knight, so I much rather see a different character - still a shield wielder, I love that idea... but maybe by something other than a holy knight, protector of all~ so overdone. Let's see some creativity.