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<TT> Urgot - The Supportankarry in the Treelines

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Enin the Reaper



Urgot is generally looked at as a subpar champion. He can't be played as a carry, he can't be played as a tank, and he doesn't have enough utility to be a good support champion. These statements are all correct. He is none of these things. He is a combination of all three. Let's take a look...


Q - Acid Hunter - Urgot fires an Acid Hunter missile that collides with the first enemy it hits, slowing the target if he has his Terror Capacitor up. Acid Hunter missile-locks on enemies affected by Noxian Corrosive Charge. Urgot fires a missile towards the cursor that deals 15/45/75/105/135 (+0.85 AD) physical damage.
Missile-lock can be achieved by holding the cursor over a target afflicted by Noxian Corrosive Charge.

It's like a free auto attack that does a little bit more damage, and has massive range when you lock on with your E. The damage scaling is a little bit lower than I'd like, but at least they buffed it from the useless 0.7 that it was at.

W - Terror Capacitor - Urgot charges up his capacitor to gain a shield. While the shield is active, Urgot gains slowing attacks. Urgot charges up his terror capacitor to gain a shield that absorbs 80/140/200/260/320 (+0.8 AP) damage for 7 seconds. While the shield is active, Urgot's attacks and missiles slow targets by 20/25/30/35/40%.

A nice shield that makes your attacks and Q slow for a good amount.

E - Noxian Corrosive Charge - Urgot launches a corrosive charge that damages enemies in an area and reduces their armor. Urgot launches a Corrosive Charge at a target location. Enemies afflicted by the charge have their armor reduced by 12/14/16/18/20% and take 75/130/185/240/295 (+0.6 AD) physical damage over 5 seconds.
Acid Hunter is able to missile-lock onto targets affected by Noxian Corrosive Charge.

Lowers armor in an AoE by a %. You and any other physical champs on your team are now BFF.

R - Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser - Urgot charges up his Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser, swapping positions with the target. His target is suppressed for the duration of the channel. He gains increased armor and magic resistance after the swap. Urgot targets an enemy champion and channels his Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser for 1 second, swapping locations with his target afterwards. His target is suppressed for the duration of the channel.
Urgot gains 80/105/130 armor and magic resist during and after the channel, and his target is slowed by 40% for 3 seconds after being swapped.

This skill is wonderful. Especially in TT. There are so many spots where you can swap the enemy into where they can't be a part of the now 3v2 teamfight. Also it's one of the 3 skills in the game that has suppression, the extra armor and MR makes you very difficult to kill as well.

Passive - Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter - Urgot's attacks reduce his targets' damage by 15% for 2.5 seconds.

15% damage reduction is great. Try and spread this as much as feasible in team fights, but don't let that get in the way of focusing down the people who need to die.

The Pre-game:

There are several different ways for you to lay out your runes depending on your play style, your team, and the enemy team (if you're doing ranked matches)


Red - Damage /level are what I use.
Armor pen work really well as well
Yellow - I use Damage /level on these as well
MP5 /level work well if you want to spam your skills more
Flat health, or health /level if you feel too squishy
Flat armor or armor /level work well also
Blue - I use CDR /level, flat CDR is good too
Magic Resist /level is another strong choice

Quints - Any of the above things (except MP5) work just fine. I use CDR /level, Armor pen, or AD /level


Again, there are several different ways to build.

15/0/15 taking the masteries for ghost and exhaust, and getting the +3 damage in offence, and % move speed increase in utility. This is the build I use the most

0/21/9 taking the masteries for cleanse and ghost, and getting one point in mana regen in utility. I use this one sometimes

1/21/8 taking the masteries for exhaust and cleanse or ghost. I only use this when we need an exhaust on the team and I need to play more defensively.

Summoner Spells

I take two of ghost, exhaust, or cleanse.

Flash is good if you like it more than ghost.
I would stay away from the others unless you need something for your team.

Urgot needs either flash or ghost, since he doesn't have any escape mechanics on his own.

In game:


The key to playing Urgot well is countering your opponents with your items. Since you fill a role as a tanky deepsy support champion it's your job to make sure to counter that soraka by buying an Executioner's Calling, and that Tryndamere by getting a Frozen Heart, and Aegis. You also have to have a fluid item build, changing your order depending on who you fight, and who your team is.

The items I recommend in no particular order for an average game are:

Aegis of the Legion - a great item that somebody on every team should take. If not somebody else, it's your job

Last Whisper/Ghostblade - If you go with armor pen runes then go ghostblade, otherwise take the last whisper. You need some damage and armor pen or you're useless endgame except as a tank.

Soul Shroud - Health and CDR are a must, and the mana regen is great for Urgot.

Stark's Fervor - If you have a lot of AD champions on your team this item is a must. You already lower their armor with your E skill, why not add another 20. The lifesteal / health regen is great for staying in the lane against harass-y champs as well.

Trinity Force - This is great if you can get away with a more offensive path. You spam your skills a lot, and that extra damage makes a big difference. The extra slow is great with your W skill, especially if you can get the red buff.

Frozen Heart/Thornmail - Either one is wonderful against a physical damage heavy team. If you need CDR still I would take the Heart, otherwise Thornmail is a great choice.

Manamune - If you're planning on getting a frozen heart to counter somebody then this adds a lot of extra damage, plus it eliminates your mana issues early game.

Boots - If you need the CC reduction, Mercury's Treads are a great choice.
If you will need the CDR, the new Ionian boots are great, and cheap.
If you're not fighting a CC heavy team, and your item build will give you plenty of CDR, boots of swiftness are great for getting in position for your ulti, and kiting with your W and Q skills.

Other - Don't be afraid to get something else that will be good to counter your opponents with! Why not get a bloodrazor against a team of tanks? Or even a Deathfire Grasp? Mana regen and CDR? Great!

If your unsure about what to get, start with a doran's blade or shield, and see who you're laning against. If they are harassing you harder than you are them, take either cloth armor, or a null-magic mantle, and start building toward something. Maybe an Aegis.


I tend to wait until the creeps have gotten to my lane, and all the enemy champions are accounted for before spending my first skill point. If I get ganked suddenly, it's great to be able to throw that first point in W real quick to grab 80 extra health and a slow while I run away.

Normally my skill build will look like this:


At this point depending on what role I need to fill more (support/tank or damage) I'll level up either W or E taking Q again at level 9. Also if your probably going to die, and you still have a skill point from a recent level, don't hesitate throwing it in your W. I've been saved multiple times from that 60 extra health.

The Game


You should be able to take any lane just fine. If you have an ally try to coordinate with them to harass the same target. If you are with somebody with a stun, slow, or hold you should have an easy time getting a kill early. If you don't have mana regen try to hold off using your Q until you're locked on unless you have an easy shot. You deal a lot of damage even with no damage items at this point, just make sure you don't provide an easy target to get stunned and killed, and farm the creeps as best you can.


Try to get your team to work with you to manage the buffs. You want to control the jungle as best you can. If nobody else wants to buy wards, then it's your job. Make sure that your team gets the dragon if nothing else. When your team is ready to have a team fight and push, make sure to swap somebody over a barrier so they are out of the fight for too long. If you can, get somebody without a lot of mobility so they can't just blink back in. If you can't help it try to take somebody with the longest cooldown so they at least can't use it to escape later.


Just keep doing the same thing as mid game. Try to be near your team, but not with them. You want to abuse your ultimate as much as possible.

Tips, Tricks, and Trivia

You can fire your missile and keep it locked on while your target is in the Fog of War. Track where you think they'll be.

Neither your Q nor E give away your position in bushes, so don't be afraid to use them while hidden.

Your R gives you the armor and magic resistance before swapping, so don't hesitate to use it to survive a sticky situation.

A Urgot is only an "a" away from "got aura?"

Your biggest weakness early game is being engaged in melee, so kite like you mean it!

Now get out there and show people why Urgot is a force to be reckoned with!

Here are some great spots to swap... (View the attachment. Red is spots where you can swap with your level 1 ultimate, green at level 2, and yellow at level 3. I was going to post screen shots but the first game wouldn't save them, then it crashed, so this will have to do. I don't want to spend another 20 mins doing it. ;p)

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Senior Member


It is glad there is a TT guide for urgot, however, i do not agree with the build. Tanky or not, he should still be building more damage. a classic atmas and warmogs for sure. Nice guide though, and I thought the picture of the Urgot ulting areas were pretty cool.

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Senior Member


my latest build on urgot which resulted quite well (hes my main)

meki, 2 pots> tear, boots 1, manamune, brutalizer, cooldown boots > warmogs>atmas>MR item of your choice bv works nice with your atmas, but i love the cheapness and clutch of the quicksilver, FON if your fed to hell. fit in ghostblade somewhere in there

was able to take anyone on opposing team

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Senior Member


Really wish this thread window poped up whenever someone dosent own urgot selects him in champion select; when he was free to play :/