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kayles Reckoning sound effect repeating

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Junior Member


So i played some games yesterday. In one match, there was no kayle in this match tho, i heard the sound effect of kayles reckoning (her first spell) over and over again, very repetitevely and random. It often appeared when i was somewhere else with the camera bar and then switched back to my hero. The stupid thing was that there was no kayle in the game it happened and it happened just one time. If i remember correctly i played janna or cassiopeia..

However, ive played against a kayle in the match before this match so maybe this could be the reason.

Well thats all i have to report

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Lead Sound Designer


Thanks for the feedback Seequel, we'll see if there's anyway we can reproduce it. If you have any more specific info or it happens again, please let us know.

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Senior Member


The same happened to me in multiple matches, I had Annie in most/all of them.