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[Champion Suggestion] Prince Charming the Poison Dart Frog

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* Prince Charming
The Poison Dart Frog
HP: Low
Mana: Medium
Move speed: Medium
Attack speed: High
Attack damage: Low (ranged)
Champion Select
1.Careful of the Crown!

1. "Are there pretty women there?"
2. "I Feel like a stroll anyway!"
3. "I do like long walks on the beach"

1. "He insulted my appearance! That rascal!"
2. "I hear they want a kiss."
3. "I will give them warts!"

1. "My beautiful face!"

1. "Are you afraid of a little frog?"

1. What do you call a handsome frog? Me!
Basic Premise:
Prince Charming is supposed to be a support class that specializes on ranged attacks and immobilizing his victims. He lacks the ability to do tremendous damage, but his ultimate ability can turn the tide of battle if used correctly and in combination with other allies. He is easily able to escape, but will get pummeled if he gets too close to the action.
Passive: Un-natural beauty – Opposing Champions lose 5% movement speed when around Prince Charming.
Q-------- Hop
Prince Charming jumps into or out of battle. (Most like Tristana’s Rocket Jump)
Notes: A basic ability that gives the prince a great way to escape or catch fleeing enemies.
W--------- Poison Dart – Prince Charming darts gain a damage over time effect. (Most like Teemo’s toxic shot)
Notes: He is a dart frog and should be able to coat his darts in poison.
E ---------- Cold Blooded – Prince Charming becomes immune to stun and immobility effects for 2/3/4/5/6 Seconds. During this time he gains 10/15/20/25/30 damage reduction and a small portion of health but his movement speed is slowed by 20% (Most Like Gankplank’s Remove Scurvy)
Notes: A great way for the frog to escape and get out of situations he shouldn’t be in. Also a good way to be able to stay in a lane longer and gain experience.
R----------- Frog Kiss – Prince Charming jumps into battle kissing 1/2/3 enemy champions quickly within an area of effect. During this time 2/2.75/3.5 seconds, these enemies are turned into frogs with their movement speed decreased by 15/25/35 percent and damage increased to them by 10/15/20 percent. Enemies are unable to use any abilities besides auto attack during this time. (Most like Master Yi’s alpha strike)

Picture: Here is something i quickly came up with. http://s1018.photobucket.com/albums/af306/Splatguy/?action=view&current=PrinceCharming.jpg&newest=1

Constructive feedback would be awesome! Thanks guys.