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[Ability Suggestions] 3 Walls, a Weird Skill Shot, and a bad idea

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Feel free to only read the ideas that sound interesting. All flame posts are accepted (as well as constructive comments as to how these ideas could be implemented).

Projectile Wall:
I think a projectile wall in this game (blocks projectiles/abilities that pass through it) would allow for a more skill-support class which wasn't oriented on specifically healing, stunning, or buffing. Imagine some sort of wall like Anivia's which didn't block champions or melee hits, only ranged projectiles.

I know people will probably say its too anti-ranged, but if you like, just make it block ranged abilities or make it a very small wall which the ranged can sidestep and shoot around. I also know it would be very situation-dependant and could perhaps be a waste of an ability, but I wouldn't mind more abilities which can be placed on the ground and do more useful things than just block, slow, or stun.

Fog-of-War Wall:
Same as any wall, except works more like brush: it blocks everyone's vision (or just the enemy team's vision) past it, but it is completely passable.

Fire Wall:
Obvious, only deals damage to those who pass through. I know a lot of games have them already, but no wall so far in this game deals damage (as far as I can remember).

Weird Skill Shot:
I always see these skill shots that decrease in damage as they hit multiple targets. What about a skill shot that hits one target for half damage, and if it hits another target, it does full damage? I know it would be difficult to aim for the full effect, but it would make laning not simply about staying behind your minions to dodge those pesky cleavers, javelins, Morgana's cage (of which I can't remember the name), etc. It would only hit two targets total, so its not like taking Twitch's ultimate and making it multiply in damage as it hits a million targets (which would be hilarious, but in the most overpowered way).

Bad Idea:
What about an ability that deals damage over time and initially increases an enemy's movement speed, but then, over the time period, say five seconds, decreases it? So the enemy would have about... 125% speed, then after 2.5 seconds he would have 90% speed, and then 2.5 seconds later would have 55% speed. I think, since overall it would slow the enemy down, it would be useful, but of course any spell that even remotely helps an enemy in the hands of a noob could be a complete catastrophe. Its an idea, though.

Note: All the above are just pure ideas that can hopefully spawn some more constructive abilities. None of the above are fit, even in my opinion, to be implemented the way I currently described them. Thanks for reading.