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Runes for Noobs- a question.

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How do you recommend a new player goes about acquiring runes. With some many different champs and so many build combinations it's a bit daunting to even think about bringing Runes into the equation.

I like a number of the free Champs available this week, but I'm not sure if I should start collecting runes for 1 particular play-style, especially considering I'd like to be able to purchase more (expensive) Champs later on as well.

What is more recommended, sticking with a champ and building up your rune collection around his strengths? Or saving IP points for purchasing Champs, trying them all out as you level and not really worrying about purchasing Runes until your summoner hits a certain level and you're sure about who you want to play?

TLDR: Are runes worth the investment for a new player, or should IP points be saved for collecting Champs and learning the game?

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I wouldn't put much thought into it until you're level 10 (Access to T2/T2.5 runes), just play as many characters as you can and purchase those you enjoy for now.

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Before you buy anything with your IP, check 2 things:

1. The cost of T3 Runes.
2. You can't buy Runes with anything except IP.

For those with enough patience, don't spend any IP on any runes until 20, then start building your first T3 set. Don't spend any IP unlocking characters, as you should take advantage of your noobness by playing every free character available on every rotation swap. That gives you the knowledge you need to determine whether you want to buy either of the bundles, or just a few select heroes with RP.

Just don't spend all your IP on T2 Runes and 3-4 1250 IP heroes, as that's another 6-7 T3 Runes or 2 more T3 Quints.

I'd say if you figure out what your fav 2 450 IP heroes are and know you aren't picking the wrong runes, you could get about 50% of the effectiveness out of T1 runes for a fraction of the cost, but if you buy ones that you figure out are useless later, you're stuck with them or betting on luck with the combiner.

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Rank 1 runes are super cheap and 50% effective compared to T3 runes.

If nothing else I'd do:
Marks- Mpen
Seals- Scaling mana regen
Glyphs- Flat Magic Resist
Quints - empty, don't bother till 20.

Should be extremely cheap.