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Tristana Hybrid build?

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Just recently switched from twitch to tristana, and I like it! Quick question though, I have 40% crit damage and around 5% crit chance from runes, plus the stuff in masteries. I was looking at possible item builds (AP was ok, lots of burst but after abilities are used her attack doesn't do much at all, tried straight dmg which didn't have as much burst.) and was thinking to get crit chance early. Two cloaks of agility to get 36% crit chance, plus runes is 41% chance to crit. After this build a mejais soulstealer, and use the cloaks to build an infinity and phantom dancer?

Have not tried this but it seems to me that the early crit would kill a good bit of champions early on, and mejais can get up to 200 AP i think which scales incredibly with the Trist ult. Then buying phantom dancer for pretty steady crits and infinity edge for more steady damage? Am I crazy or is this something worth trying out/ has anyone ever done anything like this or a different Tristana hybrid build? Tried AP and Damage tristana but I still just don't feel like I'm getting the most out of her.