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Karthas - Sad Face. All my kills are suicides.

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Karthus is Amazing. Easily the best mage in the game when played correctly. Read guides. Lay waste does ~660 damage single target with a correct item build at endgame. Defile ticks for 250 a second, and ultimate does over 1k dmg aoe to all heroes.

If you're having survival issues get rod of ages early, flash, and heal as summoner spells.


If you're having survival issues, get a sunfire cape instead of deathfire.

Single Target dps with lay waste is 660/.7= 942.

Defile DPS = 285.

Single Target DPS at max gear/lvl: 1227 dps to single enemy champions.
AOE dmg at max gear/lvl: 756 dps per target.

Even assuming 10 stacks on mejai's you're still laying down the hurt. at around 900 single target and 550 aoe dmg, cutting through most heroes in 5 seconds or less.

His synnergy with other AOE disablers/dpsers is amazing. Karthus and twitch can 2v5 people, as can nunu, anivia, ryze, etc.

The buff should help poor players do OK with him, but it's going to make good Karthus players unstoppable.

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g lo



you can also (with CDR) turn on/off aoe so that it procs faster, probably not intended but prety sure it works, thank you ploman for putting others in perspective