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Facerolling with LeBlanc

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Meh, I don't really like the build. I've tried something similar to this after the patch hit and it's just not as good as your conventional LeBlanc build. 20 Magic Penetration actually makes a huge difference. You lose 15% damage per ability between level 1-11 and that's a lot.

I'm not sure you really understand how magic penetration can affect your damage. Just look at how effective MR really is at reducing your damage (effective MR as in the calculated part after you've subtracted the Magic Penetration from the opponent's Magic Resistance):

10 MR = -9% damage
20 MR = -16% damage
30 MR = -23% damage
40 MR = -28% damage
50 MR = -33% damage
100 MR = -50% damage

Flat Magic Penetration works a lot better early on as you can see both MR and MPen are more effective at lower numbers and both decreases in effectiveness the more you get. Squishies have a base MR of 30 and typically don't invest in any early MR either so having 30 Magic Penetration means you're dealing an effective 23% additional magic damage per ability. Of course the limiting factor to MPen is that any MPen that tries to reduce an enemy's MR below 0 is worth nothing... but people could probably argue the benefits of simply just doing full damage over less damage regardless of the worthless value of the stat after a certain point.

Still: MPen > AP > CDR for LeBlanc. CDR is nice, but I don't think you can make a valid argument for prioritizing it over MPen except to just be different. It's not really better in most ways outside of giving you a little extra help for running away and maybe tacking on that clutch Q once in a blue moon that could maybe net you that kill. Ionian Boots vs Sorc Shoes changes how LeBlanc plays by a lot more than I thought and I've actually found that the extra CDR lost me more kills than it got me since the situations where I need the additional CDR come up less frequently than the amount of situations where I just need to straight up burst the enemy down. You can't rely on Ignite to cover your loss in damage especially when it's on a 3 minute CD.

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Facerolling with Le blanc eh?

LeBlanc requires high concentration and lighting quick speed.

Looks to be a decent guide tho

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my only problem when playing her with sorc boots+hauting guise early game is that she only does huge damage if she does QRWE, but then she cant escape quickly enough if help does arrive very quickly.

i grabbed cleanse and ghost for this situation, but its hit and miss.

im gonna try the cdr boots and another flash and see how that works out

Flash is definitely a must have on her, potentially up to 3 blinks in a row is just crazy, not even Kass can pull that off.

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I'm not sure you really understand how magic penetration can affect your damage. Just look at how effective MR really is at reducing your damage (effective MR as in the calculated part after you've subtracted the Magic Penetration from the opponent's Magic Resistance):

I looked into all the magic damage info and it sounds great! I kind of always lumped in sorc boots as +20 dmg but clearly it is much better than that, thanks for explaining it to me.

I like the CDR because she is usually left holding her staff so to speak in team fights and it's nice to have the full CDR of 40% so you can continually be useful.

Thanks for the advice and feedback! Appreciate it!

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Considering how many people ACTUALLY build more Mres than base? Outisde of tanks and Melees, few, if any, will grab Mres any time soon. You're effectively dealing true damage for Early-> Mid game.

And why should the item build change? Because Sorc Shoes allow me to deal more damage, I have an easier time killing people than a CDR LB, because you're losing out on 20% damage to most squishies. I will get fed faster than you, so I'll be able to afford my core earlier and then move to work on other items.

How the hell is LB's build altered at all when DFG means another nuke, CDR, and Mana Regen? It's basically everything she wants in a neat package.

And did you forget that an insta-gib LB isn't the only way to play her? She has a ton of utility too, that she can put into play by building slightly tanky. Building Sorc shoes in no way affects her ability to branch off because she'll STILL get CDR anyways, if she does branch.

I read all the info and sorc boots are an effective 20% dmg increase early game. It's a great item choice and I have edited my guide as per the new information.

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Facerolling with LeBlanc

By Bogdan Raczynski

''The world is very different for those who cannot see beyond what is placed before their very eyes.'' -LeBlanc, the Deceiver

Damage 48 (+2.9 / per level)
Health 390 (+75 / per level)
Mana 250 (+50 / per level)
Move Speed 310
Armor 12 (+3.5 / per level)
Spell Block 30 (+0 / per level)
Health Regen 0.9 (+0.11 / per level)
Mana Regen 0.88 (+0.08 / per level)

I am not going to get into detail about her skills here, I assume you know what her skills do or can find them on the LoL website.

Here is a link:

Q – Sigil
W - Distortion
E – Chains
R - Mimic


This guide is intended for advanced players. LeBlanc requires high concentration and lighting quick speed. You should have a good grasp of the basics of LoL like last hitting, movement prediction, avoiding ganks, spell prediction, XP zoning, knowing when to be aggressive & defensive, leading etc;

I think LeBlanc is best played in the middle lane but most of the information can be adapted to the top and bottom lanes as well.

LeBlanc is great at last hitting minions and you should be VERY good at last hitting to excel with LeBlanc, if you are not good at last hitting you should practice as much as you can before you play normal games. This is very important and you will be a stronger LeBlanc player if you focus on getting last hits. Sigil can help get you those “2 in 1” last hits where you cast sigil & auto attack two minions and get both kills at once, also Sigil works good for the siege minions.

LeBlanc is best played with Mejia’s, she has enough escape skills to warrant this and since AP stacking is the best way to play her, Mejia’s is a perfect choice. If you can not handle charging a Mejia’s then pick a new champion or practice your basic LoL game (avoiding ganks, predicting movement, escaping, dodging and juking) You are aiming to charge the Mejia’s as fast as possible, and most importantly to not die with charges on it, this is key.

Now we begin:

Last Hitting

Do not auto attack minions, wait until they are very low, then auto attack to kill them. LeBlanc has a great attack animation and is a great champion to last hit with.

When a ranged minion is near your tower, hit them once with an auto attack, wait for the tower to strike once, then hit them again for the kill.

When a melee minion is near your tower, wait for the tower to hit them twice, then cast sigil or auto attack. She may not be able to auto attack kill them until she is lvl 5-6 or so.

Last hitting is important for LeBlanc and you should focus a lot of your energy on it while still keeping an eye out for chances to nuke the enemy champion.

On a side note the latest patch buffed LeBlanc's last hitting capabilities by increasing her base dmg and her dmg gain per level.

Summoner Spells


I believe these are the best skills for LeBlanc, Ignite gives you that extra power early game and adds to your faceroll mid to late game, I go flash because your playing Mejia’s and the more escape moves you have the better. Also flash can be used to close distance for a faceroll, (Q, R, W, E, Ignite) combo. Remember flash is an offensive and defensive spell!)

(A good rule with runes is to choose runes for early game power)

Mana regen per 5 Seals (Lets you soft-spam sigil early game)
Cooldown Reduction Glyphs
Magic Penetration Marks
Flat Health Quints (This combined with Doran’s ring gives you a good deal of health early game (+197), which LeBlanc needs)

This will give you:

5.85% Cooldown Reduction
8.5 Magic Penetration
3.7 Mana per 5
+97 Health

This is the most basic rune page for casters and getting this rune page will also allow you to play other casters such as Anivia or Fiddle as well.


Use basic caster masteries, take cooldown reduction and mana penetration in the first tree, take cooldown reduction, all mana regen talents, experience, quickness & imp flash in the other tree.

9-0-21 (Utility)

10-0-20 (Imp Ignite)

LeBlanc’s Combos

LeBlanc has many combos and multiple different ways to use each of her skills.

Here are the combos you will be using: If something is in parentheses ( ) it just means you can modify this combo with the move that is in ( ) for added utility, damage, or both.

(Flash) Q+R+W+ (E) (Ignite) + (W) or (Q)

Upon first glance what may look like an equation is actually one faceroll of a combo with many different outcomes.

When in range cast Sigil, follow it up with Mimic then Distortion. You have now triggered Sigil twice. You can wait a small amount of time between Mimic and Sigil to increase the silence time of your second Sigil. You can now use Chains and/or Ignite to finish off your combo. You can also cast Distortion again to port out of battle or, if you used your Chains, cast Sigil again as it refreshes to add a bit more damage to the combo. It is all situational.

This combo is your faceroll, your damage combo, your ace in the hole, this is the combo that will slam your enemies and charge up your Mejais. The more ABILITY POWER you get, the harder this combo hits and the easier killing champions becomes.

Ranged Poke
W+Q+ (Ignite) +W
Q+W + (Ignite) + W

This is a basic poke move, you Distort within range, cast Sigil on the enemy then Distort back as quick as you can. You can also Sigil when within range, cast Distort to crack the Sigil then Distort once more to port back. Both pokes work good, the former is more defensive, the latter more offensive. They are good for poking early game to weaken the enemy and set you up for a kill.

Triple Flash
W+R + (Flash)

This is an escape move, you Distort then Mimic your distortion to quickly retreat / fallback. You can also add a Flash at the end of this for “Triple Flash” which is good for escaping or flying quickly up the battlefield to Sigil or Chains a weakened enemy champion.

Distortion Minion Farm

Once your AP gets to high levels you can clear ranged minions with one W, you can Mimic your Distort if the minion wave is big enough. This is a great farming combo and lets LeBlanc grab the much needed gold for items later.

Surprise Chains

You distort and line up your chains on the way, instantly fire chains off as you land, this is much like Blitzcranks flash+pull. This works for catching champions off guard and getting that root in place for a faceroll combo.

Double Root

This is very simple; you cast Chains then Mimic the chains just as the stun wears off. This can root an enemy in place / slow them down for about 5 seconds.

Distort Juke

You have 3 seconds after casting Distort to cast it again to teleport back. This can be handy if an enemy champion is chasing you. You Distort, and then wait until the last second to cast it again. You will port behind the enemy if they continued chasing you and can juke them in certain situations.

Mirror Image Juke

As soon as you’re passive triggers cast Distort as fast as you can away from the enemy. If you distort into a bush you can juke the enemy quite easily. In some cases this is enough to let you escape, follow this up with a Mimicked Distortion and a Flash and you are gone.

Another good Mirror Image Juke is to use alt+right click to run the image away, you can stand still and run the image, or you can each run a different way. You will fool a lot of people but it takes much practice and good timing to be able to do this right. Practice makes perfect.

Starting Items

1xDorans Ring
1xHealth potion

Item Progression
(Keep in mind you should be splashing in the Elixir of Brilliance consumable potions whenever you can for an extra edge, I usually have one going on me about half of the game or more from lvls 11 onward,)

Doran’s Ring
Boots of Lucidity / Sorc Boots / Boots of Mobility
Rabadon’s Deathcap

The new boots fit LeBlanc very well. It is good to note that with the runes, talents, boots & a blue potion, she will have 40% cooldown reduction without sacrificing any other items or interfering with your AP heavy build. She needs to have 40% cooldowns to be effective during team battles.

For more early game dominance Sorc Boots would be the best choice.

The big picture for LeBlanc is Ability Power and these 4 starting items really pump her up. Afterwards you can go for more survivability or more AP… it is up to you. I like to follow it up with a Rylai’s; it makes your E slow just that much more (+35% totaling 60%) and gives you the health you need to stay alive.

After your first 4 items you can branch off and customize your build. Here are some items that work for LeBlanc.

Rylai’s (60% slow on E skill)
Banshees Veil
Frozen Heart (if they are all AD and you need defense)
Void Staff (If you need Magic Pen and they are going Lots of MR)

Anything with high AP is great for LeBlanc, she also enjoys cooldown reduction items, and long walks on the beach.

Really you should customize your champion each game based off your opponents and what items and builds they are doing. Be proactive! Check your TAB screen and snoop around @ the enemy’s items and builds. Build with the enemies build in mind. If they are heavy AP then get some MR and a banshees Veil, if they are all AD then grab a frozen heart… PLAY SMARTER, NOT HARDER.

Skill Progression

You want to max Q (Sigil) whenever you can.

You can level E (Chains) up once then dump the rest into W (Distortion) or:

You can level W (Distortion) up once then dump the rest into E (Chains) for your stun + more utility.

Either way is good, sometimes you can balance between the both of them, it all depends on if you want utility or more power early on. Sometimes if I see my middle lane opponent does not have health regen or any health quints, etc; I level up Sigil + Distort and save chains for lvl 7. (This is if you REALLY want that extra power ) This gives you amazing power and when you hit level 6 you have a Q+R+W+ (E) (Ignite) Faceroll combo ready. If you are looking for utility and want to play it safe you can dump 1 point into chains then level up distort, this can also help you hold the enemy champion down for a bit while your Sigil refreshes. Get your ultimate every chance you can of course.

Leveling Stages

Levels 1-5

-Be patient, wait for the right time.
-Last hit as much as you can, your mid to late game depends on it.
-Wait for the right chance to Q + W . As soon as you land your W hit it again to activate distortion and port back. If you do this right you will have a quick attack and be out before your enemy knows what hit them.

It’s good to weaken them with a Q + W and then do it again but throw in an ignite. Harassment is key, you can strike quickly and be out in a flash. The more you weaken them before you hit lvl 6 the better.

Levels 6-11

Once you are level 6 you should have your faceroll combo ready

Q, R, W, (E) (Ignite)

Use flash to close the gap and take your first blood kill with your faceroll combo. (Hopefully)

If you have not kill them by now they will be on their way home, farm some minions and port back for your Mejais.

Levels 11-18

Work on getting your items and charging your Mejais, do not get ganked, if you fear a gank hold out on your combos to save you. W + R + Flash is a triple flash move that can get you out of almost any situation. If you are playing her well you should have tons of AP and have a devastating faceroll combo by now. Your Mejais should be nice and charged and you should be enjoying 600+ ability power. You should have a Deathcap & be on your way to a Ryjias Crystal scepter as well.


Well I think we have covered everything. LeBlanc is a technical champion that takes a lot more skill than “FACEROLL LOL QWREQRWEQ” to play.

You have to have perfection in last hitting and staying alive. Every kill counts as charging her Mejais is the most important part of playing LeBlanc. And as every kill counts, every death hurts you more and more, especially if you are in the top or bottom lanes. If you are not in middle you have to bide your time more and be even more patient. Buy wards, be careful, save your distort escape combos for when lots of enemies are MIA. Be smart! You have to be quick, know when and where to strike, you can not die, you have to be very good at predicting ganks and escaping battle.

Thanks for reading.






This is a fairly good guide for le blanc, how ever she doesnt snowball as well as you think at higher elos, if you going to snowball as le blanc your summoner spells should be Ghost and Cleanse or Flash and Cleanse. Le Blanc is VERY squishy and good players can tell the difference between her and her passive clone instantly. She is highly subseptiable to CC and will explode in team fights if you dont take cleanse.

This guide doesnt effectively tell how to team fight with her which is its big flaw.

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She does not fair well in team fights, the best way to do team fights is to snowball as mid carry and pick your targets for insta kills.

She can take out a specific target, and silence them for 5-6 seconds but overall she does not do well in team fights.

You just bide your time, pick your target, and let lose, root some people if you can, silence the spellcasters, that is about it.

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I haven't read the replies, but I find it odd that you suggest Frozen Heart for your armor item in light of the fact that you tout the Ionian Boots as the only CDR you need if you Blue Pot constantly. That's wasted CDR, the mana isn't needed, and if you need armor I think the better item is the new Hourglass. It grants 100AP, 50 Armor iirc, and the old Zhonya's active just in case you need it. Grabbing pure defensive items on caster/assassin like LeBlanc just seems like wasted itemization. She can blink twice (or three with Flash) to escape, but if anyone gets on top of you that you can't nuke down, you're going to die no matter how much armor you have. I'd prefer to have that bonus 100AP and active compared to mana I don't need and CDR that goes well over the cap.

I would put BV into this same boat, but it does give you MR which is what you're more likely to be poked with at her range, and the bubble could save your life on rare occasion. The health goes well with Rylais at least.

You should never need a Void Staff. The targets you should be targeting will have low enough life and MR to make it unecessary. The only benefit this has for you is if you want to help your team kill off the surviving tank just a bit faster. And if the targets you're going for are stacking MR specifically to kill your burst, all the better for your team because now they're own damage isn't what it needs to be to fend off everyone BUT you.

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I'm not saying you HAVE to go frozen heart, in fact it's only necessary if you are being focused a lot and they have a full AD team, even then, not really. I then go on to say that items are completely situational and you should look at your enemy team and base your decisions from that.

Obviously if you go frozen heart you probably won't want to get the CDR boots, be sensible, I'm not doing any hand holding this is an advanced guide. Also FH is rarely gotton on LB i jsut suggested it if your being focused a lot by DPS, meh,

Thanks for the reply.

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yes banshees against AP, but i think zhonya's > frozen heart against ad enemies. The higher your armour, the less reduction, so +99 is a bit superfluous, whereas the zhonyas gives you that nice ap along with a nice invuln to let your escapes cooldown.