An Idea of a Skin for Amumu - Void Amumu(skin)

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I came up with this idea because in all of LoL my favorite group or evil hungry monsters that can hold their own on the fields of justice has captured my interest the most.

I'll get straight to the point I would like a void Amumu skin. It would be cool to see one of the yordles be turned into a corrupted force to be reckoned with besides Teemo. Imagine the sobbing yordle corrupted on the outside but somehow fighting it on the inside trying to stop himself from doing something he'd regret while his hunger takes hold of him slowly into madness.

- Origin of the skin
- While Amumu is traveling to find where he came from and who his family are. He finds a land that has been forgotten with old texts lying around and a dark presence that has consumed him the moment he gazed at it. He sees unspeakable horrors in this land he knows nothing about as he wallows in darkness being corrupted slowly by the void. He is pulled out by a specter that is gone with a blink of an eye and feels the power he now has. This new Amumu now knows his home, friends, and family are the void and hungers for more power as he brings his fellow yordles to the void or kill them if they refuse to be his friend. He sees his fellow colleges Teemo and Tristana as they wonder where he had gone and goes up to them and says in this his new dark voice "Will you be my friends".

- Why this skin idea for this champion?
1.Because it would be nice to see a evil twisted side to a yordle that crys all the time.
2.Also would be cool to see the bandage unwrapped and see a Sneak peek of what he looks like if Riot decides to do a VU(visual update) for Amumu.
3.Kinda makes sense for Amumu to make contact with the void since he is searching for answers to where he came from, hes going to find them someday with all that traveling.

Thank you for reading this and please comment id like to hear your thoughts on this idea.

If you guys really like this idea please support it so we can see it in game I main in jungling and love the void and Amumu is one of my favorite junglers and this would be a DREAM COME TRUE IF IT WAS IN THE GAME.