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Twitch, A message for Riot Specificly

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So, you are one of 8 people who doesn't have problems with Twich at all. Congratulation, but when 99% has got so much problems fighting against him, than its obvious that hes overpowered.

And where did you get your information to come up with such an accurate percentage of people that have problems with him?

@Maysin: I'm also going to assume that his ATROCIOUS teammates had something to do with Twitch losing. I guess if you are like 8 levels higher than all of them and they don't know how to function as a team, then ya you'll win (but wait, doesn't that apply to any game?!)

Good job assuming his team was completely useless. It was an even fight most of the game, with our team dying a little more at the beginning. The Twitch team had Soraka AND Taric healing Twitch, and the Alistar made sure to stomp and disrupt our team. Their Kat wasn't that good, but then again neither was our Tryndamere.

The Twitch stayed equal to my level, and the rest of his team did well enough. He wasn't new; he would change lanes and gank other members, chased down runners and got them, etc. He certainly was cocky at the start and thought he could take me. He could have stomped me easily if I hadn't expected it and/or if I didn't have Heal and my skills leveled up the way I did.

Perhaps you doubters should stop being obstinate just for the sake of keeping your favourite hero from being balanced? Hah! Like that will happen though.

I'm not defending Twitch. Personally, I don't care what happens to him so long as he's still playable. His ult is powerful, yes THAT I do agree, and I have already suggested a possible modification to his ult. What have you or anyone else that screams "NERF TWITCH" ever done but complain and not provide anything constructive?