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rylais on karthus

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in most games, i find people rocking between 60 and 90 MR. I get sorc boots and if they are skilled enough to get through my wall without getting hit by it, I drop wall right on their face so theyre forced to eat it. apart from that, I usually go rod of ages and now i'm trying rylai's scepter as my second item before getting archangels (I tend to go high mana/mana regen for more defile). After that, I go zhonya's, but the game is already over by the time im almost done with archangels.

I'm not too sure how I feel about rylais. before, I used my WoP as an initiator rather than a deterrant, landing it on their face so I can defile dance with them while spamming landmine. maybe if I get rylai's scepter, I should get abyssal or something and use WoP a different way.

and I go lots of hp because I am always afraid of stealth ganks and fed yi's (typically theres always a fed yi on the other team and I'm typically the only person who could stop him, even if it means I die...post mortem ult ftw)

and I'm pretty sure I'm midrange elo...lv21 with 2 more losses than wins...never seemed to get good with kassadin =p