Shacco needs to be nerfed in someway

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Shacco is getting out of control. A Champion with Invis, blink, slow, poison, images, critical strike and ways to "light the map up like a Christmas tree" is ridiculous.

I am not suggesting to remove any of his skills. I personally think his blink needs to have an increased cooldown. Why? Because I have seen Shaccos blink in and kill a guy. Flash out and get caught by an enemy team mate. And then what happens? Their blink is back and they blink away....

Flash or blink moves in this game are crucial for successful jukes. If you are getting chased in LoL, chances are... you are dead. But with Flash or Blink, u can Blink onto a hill and get away safely (aka any good Shacco).

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Exactly. They just gave Shaco a low mana flash, with perhaps slightly more range, short cooldown, and stealth. Not to mention the backstab damage from it is insanely painful early game.

Just tweak Deceive. That's all.