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[SUGGESTION]: Trinity Destroyer

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Okay, come on, I know all of you have thought of it before.

The Frozen Mallet and a sword from Phantom Dancer and Lich Bane, forming a triangle. Or have them pointing out like Trinity Force.

Phantom Dancer(3395)
Lich Bane(3470)
Frozen Mallet(3290)

+60 Damage
+100 Ability Power
+50% Attack Speed
+30% Critical Chance
+20% Dodge
+15% Movement
+750 HP/MP
Unique Passives:
On hit, reduce movement speed by 50%
On cast, your next attack deals an additional 200%

Trinity Force Active:
Activating (clicking on it) Trinity Force will break it apart into the 3 pieces (Zeal, Phage, Sheen) and give you 300 gold.

OP?? (or even underpowered for its cost...)
Well if someone was able to work for this item all game and actually get it at an early stage of the game, then obviously the team with that person is probably winning anyways because they were so fed and the team leeched off of the assists. This item would be a mercy kill. (Especially when all inhibs are downed before 25 mins, and everyone's moral is flushed down the toilet.) Though it may seem like "this is not how LoL works; it is all about team work, not a single carry being able to solo all 5 people." It may seem true, but I doubt this item will bring that kind of situation as badly as it has happened in DoTA or HoN. Could be a good idea or a bad idea, like it or not, but I had to suggest something because Trinity Force just has so much potential to be better.

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hehe, I like the idea. This look good but I think +40 Damage would be more appropriate. The reason why I would nerf this item is because it needs only ONE item slot. This is by itself a great buff since I already finish a game with 6 High Tier items and 4k gold (I know, with this gear we should win earlier but they were well geared too). Except the + damage, all look like the original 3 items so the cost looks fair for the buffs.

Second, I like the option to 'break' items but it could be something like 'It gives the receipe's money back minus 200-500' depending of each item. This way, someone would have to pay a bit to benefit the lower items back. And this could be nice with +5g/10sec items too so after a while, instead of selling the whole item, break it back in original items that can be use for new items. Even if breaking a 'Heart of Gold' doesn't refund the receipe cost (200), 475(Ruby) + 300(Armor) = more than a half of 975.

In a new order of idea, it could be great to get more items that need +5g/10sec items just like the Deathfire Gasp.

That is all, I hope that my ideas sound good and not only just like whims of a single player.

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If games are going so long that you need to compress PD, FM, and Lichbane into 1 slot... well, actually I don't know what to say.