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need sion help.

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Chemical Poet:
DPS Sion far from impossible to play, just not optimal. His abilities don't synergize nearly as well as they do when you're running an AP build, but hey don't let me stop you.

The advantage AP Sion has over DPS is that you're not initially as hit or miss as you would be DPS Sion. If you die one or even two times early on, you're still a lane threat with AE damage and a decently damaging stun. Your shield absorbs a lot more punishment and does a ton more damage, clearning more minion waves and pushing lanes far more quickly than his DPS variant.

Within a realistic game, AP Sion is more bursty, using Lich Bane, has better overall damage output, better survivability and gives the opposition a reason to invest in magic resist, pushing resource, in contrast to DPS Sion; your proposed variant of Sion is absolutely more circumstancial than my build I've posted.

IMO, there's no contest. AP is strictly better with what Big S's got going for him, and it's easy to argue in his favor.

You're talking to a guy who started with DPS Sion, and ran him exclusively for 3 weeks. Then, I played AP, and immediately realized his potential in a team at all phases of them game.

Sorry, but physical damage Sion in a game that lasts long enough to get to a 4th item completely destroys AP Sion. When you have Greaves, Bloodthirster and Infinite Edge, you are completely unstoppable with your ultimate up. AP Sion can never get to that point.

Edit: Also, do Tiamats really do 50% splash? I've never looked into them at all, but if so that makes the idea of Tiamats an interesting one. I'll have to give that a try some time. Tiamat, Boots, Tiamat, IE/Bloodthirster, etc would be pretty amazing.