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Poppy: Runes, Masteries, and Build Advice Welcome

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(This is a blatant copy of my post out of Guides & Strategy, but I will actually get responses if I post here.)

Hi all, just looking for advice on Poppy in general. She has been my main since I started playing; I really enjoy her survivability and tower-diving capabilities, but since I've reached the higher levels she seems much less viable, so I come to the wisdom of the forums for suggestions.

For runes, I have attack speed marks, scaling hp/5 seals, and scaling ap glyphs, with movespeed quints. These used to work out very well, but recently they have been lackluster. The marks were sort of a filler; I bought them for Xin and put them on Poppy because, frankly, I don't really know what to use for her marks, though I was thinking magic pen for her mighty hammer. The seals are for laning and stack with her passive quite nicely, but it seems to me she gets bursted down too quickly, especially lately with the advent of deathcap. The scaling AP is working out well and the movespeed is for diving like a boss; I typically try to get up in the 450-500 movespeed area with her build.

For masteries, I go 1/24/3. That's right, I'm not level 30. I put one point in improved Exhaust to catch runners, and three into utility to improve my regeneration. Regen is pretty big for me; I rune it, mastery it, and build for it, but I think that has to change. At any rate, down the defense tree I grab improved Fortify and most of the other high-profile masteries. And yes, I do run Fortify and Exhaust 99% of the time.

For my build, I start with a Philo Stone before 5 minutes, then shoes, typically going with boots of quickness. After that, I grab an Emblem of Valor, then Sheen, then Stark's Fervor. Why Stark's, you may ask? The aura is really nice, and it grants regeneration and attack speed which I like, though it seems less important of late; I think a change is in order here. Next, I grab Quicksilver Sash for the Mresist and Cleanse on a stick, and lastly I upgrade to Lich Bane and Shurelya's Reverie. If there is time left over, my last item is Deathcap nowadays.

My general problem is lack of survivability these days. Poppy's passive works better when she is lower on health, but that puts her at higher risk of dying; a conflict of interest, I suppose. Suggestions for changes would be greatly appreciated.