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Quick Cait Item Questions

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Is phantom dancer good? Or a least a zeal to start it off. Last whisper is nice but I don't feel much stronger after I get it.

Also, where is a good place to stick survivability in her build? What item?

I went up against another Caitlyn with the same build as me but my attacks barely scratched her...and I felt super squishy. I had armor runes too. Any clue why?

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I keep seeing Caits going the Black Cleaver build and you could try it.

I have been having great success with the following.

Dorans Blade + Health Pot

Boots -> Mercs, Armor, or Berserker (only in rare cases) depending on the game.

Second Dorans Blade or BF Sword if you can afford it.

BF Sword if you got a Dorans instead.

Zeal -> Sheen -> Hammer -> Triforce

Infinity Edge

Last Whisper



What I have found is that you want to itemize for damage and crit, not so much attack speed. Your passive will work on crits making it more powerful than people realize. Your ultimate does apply on hit effects so you will be adding an extra 300 or so damage from the Tri-force proc. That occasional slow from your auto attack is also a nice plus. Have fun. O, forgot to add last whisper and banshee. I always get Last Whisper after Infinity and Banshee if their team is heavy magic.