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Im just saying ......

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Please ... for the love of Jesse Perring dont overbuff Caitlyn, people these days seem to think of her as a mage ...... well here's some new for ya SHE IS RANGED DPS, think of her as ashe, sivir, i dont know. But dont as RIOT for a omgwtfbbq-ultimate when she deals 150% moar dmg on every 7th ( ? ) shot and has AMAZING range, you never see a ashe trying to volley down her enemies now do you ?

At level 16 with about 220 dmg her ulti does near 700 physical damage, i dont know what you think is a ultimate, but i'd call it one with the range it has. However i do agree that she needs some tuning, her q does sometimes not deal damage O_o, and the fact that the fog of war, a flash, a dodge, or panths passive -_- cancels her ulti is ridicolous.
But please people stop *****ing about her being THAT up, start playing her carefully and you will melt faces with your range and being-hard-to-catchiness