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Video 7 vga mode not support??

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Go to Nvidias website, www.nvidia.com (http://www.nvidia.com) and manually down the the drivers for your card. Also this might be an issue with the TV/Monitor Combo, Dell used to sell the WD series of TV/Monitors. They were a great idea at first, but we later found they developed issues and the line was stopped.

EDIT: Another thought that just came to mind! Go to the Manufacturer of that TV/Monitor and see if they have a firmware upgrade. If they do download it and your TV should have a USB port you can plug a flash drive into.

Usually it goes something like this

Download firmware update to USB Flash drive > Turn off Display > Insert Flash Drive into USB > Turn on Display > Display will update.

LG had an issue with some of their LCD's that prevented them from recognizing certain signals from various input devices. Updating the firmware resolved it.

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Mmkay, I updated the driver for my video card from the website, now it's coming up with date: 11/20/2009 in dxdiag? Not sure why but at least it changed this time I guess >.<

For the life of me, I cannot find the website for Norcent tvs. There is a Norcent.com but it just says "URL Not found" when clicked on. and I can't find a firmware update elsewhere. Not sure whether the company went out of business...or...what? (The TV is a few years old) Is there another place the firmware update might be that I can check?

Thanks again for all your patience/help