Just Had An Amazing Experience...

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I'm still new to ranked, so can't say much.. But. Here's what happened in my last game.

- Was having a perfect game, 3/2/18- with Shen.

Then comes trolls..

12/10 Panth. - Got the Swain fed. - Ironically, he had Awesome timing ults.

8/8 Ashe - Squishy as heck. I told her to buy survivablity, what did she get? Negatron Cloak. / I'm like.. Wow, really? No Hp at all? Even a Frozen Mallet would be more worth it. - even though she has frost arrow.. The Hp is worth moreso. / She fed the Trynd, who I kept trying to taunt him off her so my thornmail would proc, but.. *sigh* Only so much I can do. - How's it possible to be bad.. With Ashe? I mean really. *Autoattack, Win."

9/3 Leblanc - I didn't mind her at all, i'd taunt the enemies she'd burst them down. - I love this champ really. Once I got to know her.

3/8 Garen. - Oh *** Another troll, I thought. Sure enough. It was. - A quote from him. Guys, I was tanking them.. Where were you? I'm like.. Um.. *points to my assists.* I am tanking, Not you. Dear Garen, you're a Soak.

We had the enemy team dead to rights, their T3 tower was in our sights from top/mid -

And it was just.. really herp derp after. I'm basically begging people now to get me to start playing carries. Or something, being a tank.. Sucks. It's stressful as hell.