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Glass Cannons and HP tanks everywhere.

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Holy Malevolence

Senior Member


It's irksome, but I can deal with it. Sometimes. Like when I'm playing a champion who's main role is making her team mates better.
But I hate it with a fiery passion sometimes. When the AD carry decides to not make any item that doesn't build out of a BFS. When the AP champion forgoes the many defensive AP options to go with choices I can't contemplate the reason for. And, of course, the tanks who have their base amount of armor and magic resist throughout the entire game.
When they're on the other team, I'm overjoyed! It makes life so easy. If they don't get massacred, I'm confused.
When they're on my team, I hope I'm playing a support champion. Because all the damage output in the world won't reverse the fact that they'll be dropping like flies if you ever actually try to do anything.
Sometimes, I just want to change champion mid match after seeing my ally's builds.