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Thoughts on Teemo's Viability

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Hi all,

I've been playing for a year now or so and can honestly say that I never played more than one or two "free week" matches of Teemo in that timespan. I did get to play a ton against him and though his blind was annoying, as were his shrooms, he never was considered a 'threat' or problem to deal with by me.

I'm not sure at which point that changed but something has. I recently played him in a couple practice matches to get a feel for him. After adapting to his playstyle I decided randomly to try him in ranked today. What do you know, that little sucker got me 20 kills around 1390 elo.

What I found Teemo's strenghts to be (at least with my playstyle and build) are:
-Unparalelled Map Awareness & Control with his Ultimate (Shrooms)
-Very reliable Blind, good last hitting attack, unfortunately is a KS machine. (Benefits further from Exhaust rework so Teemo is a great counterpick against champs like Xin Zhao, Warwick, Ashe, Miss Fortune, etc.
-Lane Flexibility; Teemo can solo if need be mid or top, and/or side lane cautiously.
-Once Teemo reaches level 6, he provides free wards for Dragon and to prevent ganks.
-Teemo has a bit of the Venus Fly Trap effect. Enemies love to target him for tower diving and bum rushing him in a lane past the creep line. A lot of my kills come from playing defensively against greedy folks.

The Build I have been using isn't set in stone and I'm still working on it:

I've tried 9/21/0, 21/9/0, and 9/0/21 but generally I prefer the first two since Teemo's W is a toggle and his E is a passive, there's not much to be gained besides dropping more Shrooms or his Q. I prefer the other trees.

In a match tonight I dealt 380,000 damage and 20+ kills for the second time. I have never broken 300,000 damage with any champion before and have been wondering when it would finally happen. It was a very long game, 60+ minutes, but I am shocked Teemo was the guy to do it for me.

-Madred's Bloodrazor, is the core item I use.
-Frozen Mallet, to let him kite and increase his survivability in team fights.
-For boots I have used Berzerker Greaves, but usually will switch to Merc's once the game goes on and teamfights become the norm.

After that I have been using Wit's End. Not sure if it is the best AS item for Teemo to be building, but I do like the small amount of Mag Res it offers. My worry is that late game, mana pools for champions become so large depleting mana bars through auto attacks has a negligible effect and could be a waste of money, thus a mid-game item that can be sacrificed come end game. Any feedback on this one?

Other items I've used are Stark's, SotD, FoN, IE, BV...all situational items. I remember liking Stark's quite a bit.

Much like Phreak showed in his video for Caitlynn I run around wherever I am dropping mushroom at the major exits/entrances, especially spots where ganks would happen or team fights often break out.

Dragon, Baron, ramps, bushes, wall off river area near lanes, jungle routes, etc.

I try to come into the fights near last, and often will be brazen and go after enemy carries to run them off.

All that said Teemo does feel very viable to me in ranked play, at least on 5's. Often I'll look at the mini-map and monitor where I need to re-plant shrooms that have been triggered and you can see a dramatic increase in map awareness for your team. Having so many pathways covered with wards is a tremendous advantage for your team. It offers a high amount of peace of mind, as well as allows your team to be more aggressive since they have a stronger awareness of where the enemy is and is not, and where if they get into trouble they can run to to trigger Teemo's shrooms.

Teemo is a heck of a lot of fun to play as. I am not arguing that he is the next super carry, but I di think he is viable and helpful to a team. He isn't worthless in teamfights at all if you use a build similar to the one I listed here. I'm sure he has tons of counters. I wouldn't want to play him against an Eve player. Nassus' Wither is a strong counter as well.

What does the community think about this little fella these days? He's not bottom tier I can tell you that much.

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with the recent buff and remodel on his blind (about 2 or 3 patches ago) teemo somewhat gain a little viability. but he still isn't that good for ranked play. i feel he still needs a little range. but you're right he is ton of fun to play. that's why i play him even when he isn't viable just for fun. Teemo isn't a carry but a utility support with his shroom (though you can consider him a soft carry in some build).

I just love getting kills with Shroom and poison when enemy thinks they are already safe.