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[Suggestion]Unlock New Champion

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Senior Member


Hi Riot..... English is not my first language but i tried to write this and i hope you guys can fix this and make the game more fun. Sorry for bad English.

After the server for new patch has been up, a lot of people choose to play Caitlyn ( the new champion). Some people decided to cancel the game when someone else choose new champion. This will make people unhappy to wait playing the game and other things.

Today, i have been playing 4 games, which got people chose Caitlyn . 2 players were so so and 2 players were bad. One of the bad player said he wants mid( i know he wants to beast carrier). so everyone said ok. After first 3 minutes, enemy got first blood, our Caitlyn got killed. She didn't even use her escape tool( probably new to this champion). then in 15 minutes, Caitlyn scored 0/6/0 in mid land . Then she quits the game(leaver) after feed enemy teams.

Another Caitlyn was same thing. Caitlyn feed enemy with 0/3/0 then quit the game at 13 minutes.

Question: Riot, why don't you make a system that block players who just bought the new champion to play rank game or normal Q unless they practice the new champion ?
This will make more people happy and less people cancel the game during champion selection(longer waiting ). Also this make the game more fun because there will less feeder and less quitter or leaver.

Pls fix this, i hate seeing people try the new people in normal Q and low Elo rank game without practice champion's ability or skill in practice game. It is wasting people time and make 9 people don't have good time.

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Blixa Bargeld



Or... they could just disable the champion for ranked, don't you think it would be easier?
Not that I agree with the idea.