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New type of carry build?

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Ghostblade...... is not underrated in any way. It is the staple of every melee DPS build. If it weren't for ghostblade, melee DPS would be dead, not just almost dead.

I don't like ghostblade that much on ranged champions. 4 seconds isn't much. If anything I'd stop at brutalizer and then save that extra 1350 gold for something else. Brutalizer is amazing for melee and ranged DPS alike. Ghostblade isn't as efficient as the stat benefits from brutalizer are fairly small (15% crit chance, 5 AD, 5 armor pen, 5% CDR), so a lot of the gold is spent on the passive.

Black cleaver.... I see the new black cleaver as a nerf from old black cleaver in a way. Yes you get more armor reduction per hit, but the total is down by 15. So by 4 hits on the old cleaver would reduce more armor. 75 damage->55 damage? Hurts because attack speed is so easy to itemize for (buy a recurve bow, you can upgrade it later).

I'm sorry, but I still see the Infinity Edge as the staple item for 90% of ranged carries. Infinity Edge simply has too much potential, the passive and crit chance alone mean you do 30% more DPS. I do agree that Infinity Edge+Last Whisper+Elixir of Agility is no longer the go to ranged carry faceroll combo, as elixirs got nerfed pretty hard, and last whisper no longer offers any attack speed. However, I don't feel like this is proper grounds to take away the infinity edge.

I would experiment around with the zeal and cheaper phantom dancer in combination with the infinity edge. The day came out somebody mathcrafted that on average (aka, on opponents without huge amounts of armor), phantom dancer and infinity edge would be more gold efficient for DPS than infinity edge and last whisper. The only problem is that after 7k gold spent on DPS items you are still rocking only 31 armor pen with full runes and masteries. I was thinking, perhaps buy Infinity Edge first, buy zeal, then buy last whisper, complete PD later if possible. Or even simpler, buy infinity edge first, buy recurve bow, buy last whisper, upgrade recurve bow later if possible.

Quite simply, due to the inbuilt potential of Infinity Edge's unique passive, I still see it as the dominant ranged DPS item. Yes, a mix of other items may be more powerful early on, but hey, if you want early game item efficiency, all you need to do is stack 5 doran's blades, you get 500 HP, 40 AD, and 15% lifesteal for the cheap cost of 2175 gold (Worth is over 3k gold with base item comparison). Infinity Edge will grow stronger with every DPS item you buy afterwards, this applies to elixirs too, especially green elixir.

If all you want is ideal gold/DPS ratio on the cheap, you look no farther than madred's bloodrazor. 30 damage, 40% attack speed, and an on hit 4% of enemy max HP (so on average, between 60-160 extra damage). But madreds has so little potential. All you can do is add attack speed to make the on-hit effect proc more. There's a reason why many Warwicks go boots, bloodrazor, then pure defense items. It's because Bloodrazor is the single best stand-alone DPS item in the game, bar none.

However, you are the ranged DPS carry, you rely on your superior early game solo lane farm and champion kills (since you should be getting as many kills as possible, even if it means KSing), so you don't just buy one DPS item and call it quits for DPS. No, you keep buying DPS items, and that's why Infinity Edge excels. You buy infinity edge, fairly good DPS item on its own, ,75 attack damage, 30% more DPS overall, pretty good, right? Only gets better with every DPS item you add to it, especially crit items.

TL;DR: Infinity Edge+Last Whisper is no longer the de facto item combo, but infinity edge will remain core on ranged DPS's due to it's huge DPS potential. Champions like Tristana can still pull off infinity edge and last whisper due to her huge attack speed steroid. Other should consider investing in attack speed between IE and LW.

I agree that if you have a solid team, the zeal/PD can make up for the attack speed. However, with all these AP changes and AP assassins and carries getting enormous buffs to their damage output and burst, it's getting harder to build more than 2 items for DPS without being so squishy that you explode from a single Kassadin or Akali burst. With that extra 1.1k for a recurve bow or zeal etc., I could be well on my way to a GA or BV. Sure I don't output as much pure single target DPS, but that's why characters without steroids usually offer some utility. Also, this build is able to reduce a squishy's armor down to zero, something the LW cannot do. This may make up for the Crit damage bonus of IE.

Finally, I see the Black Cleaver as a buff. It's very hard to get 4-5 shots down on any character. Even with 2 AS, that's 2 seconds (which may not seem much, but 2 second stuns are game changing, it's not that easy to stay attacking for 2 seconds). Also, before, getting the BC meant getting basically a weaker form of the IE, since they had similar damage and just different passives. The addition of attack speed seemingly makes it more worth it, since AS syncs well with the passive and now it offers something an IE doesn't.

I agree with you that IE and LW are still staples for the likes of Tristana etc. Of course, she IS the strongest single target DPS in the game, and doesn't provide as much utility as a result, so the build difference would make sense.