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[Guide] Shaco, Amaze Your Teammates! (AP)

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STOP Hammertime

Senior Member



This is my first guide, so bear with me if it doesn't adhere to the format of other guides, I will try my best.

I decided to write this guide on Shaco because of 2 reason that spring to mind.

1. I hate attack damage/melee Shaco's with a passion. I will explain why shortly.
2. AP Shaco, played extremely well, can get you 2-3 kills in a row, solo, in their base/forest WITH ALL TOWERS UP. I will explain this shortly also.

Hence my forum title, Amaze Your Teammates!

I have had people say they loved watching me fight so much that they would stop playing themselves just to observe. It is quite the artform, 'AP Shaco Played Well'.

I have taken 2-3 enemies down to 30% health each within 4 seconds at the same time, without auto attacks and while stealthed. Your teammates will watch in AWE!

Anyway, after this intro, let me dive into WHY you should play Shaco this way, over the OTHER way...Ugh...


AP Shaco is, in my opinion, many times better than melee Shaco. I will state the pro's and con's of each one first.


Great tower pusher.
Ultimate melee damage is great.
Great lane pushing ability.
Good at solo ganks.
Good at team battles.
Good burst.
Simple play style.

Can't use stealth effectively as it doubles as his main nuke.
Turrets are only useful as a 1 second interrupt.
2 Shiv active hits for nothing.
Ultimate explosion does little, and will be focused quickly by good teams.
Turrets hit for nothing.
Early game weak.


Great tower pusher.
Ultimate explosion hits for upwards of 800-1000 aoe with good AP.
Turrets hit for roughly 175-200 PER SHOT with good AP.
2 Shiv active can hit for 550+ with good AP.
Great initiatior for team battles.
Insanely good baiting ability.
Can sit solo in their base and get kills in between their turrets and respawns and escape still. (lol)

Difficult playstyle.
Can be shutdown harder by Oracle Elixirs than melee Shaco.
Can be difficult if they have lots of aoe abilitys (destroy your turrets).
Enemy may catch on to your baiting if you do it too obviously.
Doesn't scale as well as melee Shaco in REALLY long games (60 minutes +)

So there you go. I will throw in more comparisons between the two builds as we go along.
Now, onto the runes/masteries.


Runes are standard fare. Just go for cooldown per level/AP per level/Magic pen.

Masteries are 21/0/9. You want all those damage increases, you will still do your fair share of melee damage. Also put your 9th support tree point in the mana regen one. You will learn that your mana is more important than your health bar very soon.

OK boring stuff out of the way, let me explain the grand strategy of your AP Shaco!


Bullet points. I can't think of any faster way to spam the most important things to you guys quickly and easily.

- Be aware. OF EVERYTHING! Check map constantly for people trying to get away and guess where they might go. Generally the less health they have, the further they run (especially if they pick up on what you are doing). Check map for enemy champs MIA. Check map for creep waves pushing. Check map for potential ambush opportunties (Baron attempts/4 man tower sieges).

- Prediction ability. Predict enemy movements before they happen. An example from today.
I see a Yi get really low (15% or so health remaining). He starts charging up mid toward his base. I tear thru jungle, decieve thru their wall (both turrets down mid are up btw) and 2 shiv him as hes hearthing at his base turret. You have slain an enemy! I did this on about 25% health myself, GG melee shaco taking tower hits because his 2 shiv hits for 100 damage.

Predicting enemy gank attempts is easy 80% of the time. The golden rule is, whoever is deepest in enemy territory and is viewable on the minimap is being targetted and stalked. Their are few heroes who can push this far and escape a 4-5 man gank attempt on them. Their are fewer still who can escape and start pushing again immediately after. Their are NONE EXCEPT AP SHACO who can COUNTER GANK the 4-5 AND CONTINUE FARMING THE LANE AS HIS TEAMMATES ARRIVE TO HELP!!

I have done this numerous times and it's fairly simple.


Here it is in a step-by-step layout.


1. Choose either top or bottom lane to push.
2. As you push outermost top or bottom, set up turrets in river (2) and work with your teammate.
3. As you push middle turret on top or bottom, set up turrets just next to middle grass patches on the inside (3 min).
4. Eventually the enemy will A) Push back from the direction of their tower. Just wait til they attack you directly then go to the next step. Or B) They will chill at their turret until backup arrives. When backup arrives (doesn't really matter where or who, with the exception of anyone who has a REALLY strong aoe pumping (Rammus/Mundo) that could endanger your turrets) go to the next step.
5. Bait them into your turret farm. The first person will trip it then A) Run. (80% of cases). B) Attack you (15% of cases). Or (hiliariously) C) Attack turrets one by one with auto attacks.
In the case of A, B and C, beat on them mercilessly with auto attack, throw 2 shiv when its up, hopefully ignite if it's a tank/fed carry/healer and they will die within 2-3 seconds. If they are smart enough to somehow invul/escape at 20-30%, decieve then just follow and one 2 shiv and backstab should finish them.
6. Now, if multiple people run into your turret farm this is where it gets tricky. You have to prioitize between who to kill, because depending on who's left, depending on who's dealing the most damage, who's the most fearful etc, you can have all sorts of crazyness happen. You might get lucky and get a triple kill, or you might get greedy and get CC'd. Just use your intuition on who to nomnom. Remeber to start running to get your decieve off cooldown if it's more than 3 enemies running into your farm.

That's it! Wash rinse repeat and push those lanes. The enemy may catch on, and avoid their own forest entirely (excellent outcome), or they might aggresively search for you (great outcome for your team). Either way, you can push or gank. Just be extremely fast on decieve as you have to realise if they see you, they have some kind of plan for when they catch you out of stealth, whether it be teammates nearby with great CC, or just their own CC/cooldowns ready. And yeah, oracle is a major pain, so try to avoid being a turret farm ***** when someone on their team has oracle.

One Vs One Strategy

1. Decieve.
2. Drop a turret where they will most likely run to when you reappear.
3. Stab them from the opposite direction you want them to run.
4. Throw 2 shiv. Stab.
5. Stab, decieve the direction they are running if they are sprinting/flash. Stay alongside until 2 shiv comes off cooldown.
6. Stab until 25-30%, 2 shiv+ignite.
7. Profit.


You will need this section. Trust me, at one point or another the odds will tip in the enemies favour and you will be in trouble.

The golden shaco rule of escape is to decieve TOWARD the enemies base, and run to it. I have escaped by literally decieving inside the enemies base and blue pilling in it. Outsmart them!

Also, drop turrets if they are following you and you think you will be intercepted ahead of you. That 1 second fear has saved myself and team mates countless times. It's amazing how much time it really adds (They have to realise what happened, turn their character around and click again if they forgot to).


Counters to you and your bretheren.

- Oracle Elixir. You will learn to hate this little bugger. It see's your traps (although usually too late if they are in shrubs), but more importantly it shows the enemy where you decieve to.
If you know whoever is hunting you has oracle, be wary if it's just them, but be VERY wary if it's them and some friends. This is where decieving through walls may be the better option, rather than toward their base.

- CC. Although decieve can save you from some CC's (ryze rune prison, haha RAGE UP RYZE!), you can still be stunned and slowed from everything else. Just try to let it wear off if you can take a few hits, because its more important they don't know which general direction you decieved to than it is to lose 20-30% more health.

- ******ed teammates. Although this is a general rule of LoL, it requires special mention here. The number of times I have succesfully evaded 5 man zerg squads in their own jungle only to see our tryndamere charge in blindly to "USE MA SLOW+ULTI ROFLULZ" and proceed to get CC'd into the ground is frightening, followed by 2-3 other teammates who thought it was a """"TEAMBATTLELOL""" running one by one into the meat grinder. The key is to say something like "guys if you see me getting chased by 5 of them in their jungle, don't worry I will escape". This will save alot of heartache as your hardwork is ripped to shreds along with poor neanderthal-esque trynd.

Pro Tips

- Mind games are key. If you see teammates in big trouble but your too far to help in time, do something drastic. Dive a tower, teleport into the 5 of them and insta decieve to delay them, kill golem SOMETHING!
- Put pressure on towers if they are ganking hard. Gank hard if they are pressuring your towers.
- Make yourself look like an easy gank, rush a wave of minions and get to about 30% and run into bushes. Enemies will cream thinking you are hearthing and run into 3 turrets and a 2shiv death.
- Even if you are 5% health, decieve+2 shiv then run. Puts that little bit of pressure on them because they are expecting to be ganked after the big nuke.
- The best time to bait is when people feel safe. Bait near towers, bait 5 man squads. You'd be amazed how many people you can peel off a tower if you just run at them, then run back into jungle.

That's it for now. Email me if you have any questions.


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I played my little heart out as Shaco before the nerf, and I went AP just about every single game except the first.

Because of the reduce duration of decieve, increase in mana cost, and nerf to boxes, I just find that AP shaco is much harder to do well in high ELO. Also, people are much less succeptible to shaco bait into boxes in my bracket, but I do have some regen runes so.. maybe I'll give itt a go.

I didn't check your build, but if going AP, I always go meki pendant + 2 health pots -> nashors -> magic pen boots -> trinity force (or guins) -> guins (or trinity force) -> bloodthirster.

I find this just enough AP to make him a heavy hitter early on, getting all those kills in mad team fights, while being a viable force late game.

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I just thought I would mention that activate shiv hits for alot hard than 100 as attack shaco...as it gets half your attack dmg plus the dmg it say it does. I often have it hit for around 300-500 which granted is less than ap shaco but if they slower than me and im alrdy behind them getting a 25% bonus dmg then they are as good as dead without haveing to cast deceive or jinb.

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Can't use stealth effectively as it doubles as his main nuke
2 Shiv active hits for nothing.
Ultimate explosion does little, and will be focused quickly by good teams.
Early game weak.

Seriously man? Seriously? Dmg Shaco is weak early game?
Are you just making this up, why isnt his Stealth as effective?
Twin Shiv does half weapon dmg
No good team ever focuses the mirror image its a waste of dmg and cd's.
Terrible Guide. . Nothing amazing about this. if you wanna throw daggers play Kat?

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Senior Member


Very nice guide.

You should include some items. I play shaco, but strictly as melee. And my shiv isn't as weak as you make it out, especially if i'm full geared. (It'll still do 3-400 with just infinity edge, don't forget there's a 1/2 melee on it)

However, I still personally believe Shaco benefits more from melee then anything else, despite the 1:1 ratios on a lot of his skills. My deceive at level 1 will hit up to 200 if i exhaust them, then its a simple 2 hit from me and the other team mate, ignite and they're gone.

I was experimenting with AP shaco today, im still not sure on what items to get. Mejai's Soulstealer is VERY tempting, however I like to suicide bomb other champs. So i'm still fishing for items.

Oh, keep in mind im up to 24% critical damage and im just starting to fill up my mark side of my rune book