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Five Man Backdoor Team Discussion

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hmmm, sick ganks!

Tristanna, Blitz, Katarina, Kassadin, Malphite

you keep the pressure on the tower, and blitz stays in the woods.
He grabs somebody and everybody, jump in the woods! Always funny.

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I've actually thought about this before myself.

The idea is to put your opponent in a situation where if they stay in a 5 man ganking squad, they'll simply lose towers left and right, but if they split up, they risk dying to your own ganks.

I would suggest running multiple forts to shut down the tactic of trying to outpush you, and in general it can stall time for your backdooring squad to do what they do. This is also one of the few times where I can see Revive being actually useful, since you don't want your opponent winning just because a few key members of your team messed up and got caught.

As far as champions go, you'll of course want a few that can backdoor effectively (Yi, Twitch) and those that have good map control (Teemo, CM.) In addition, champs that are good at defending (Heimer, Janna) can hold the fort whereas those that specialize in small 1v1 skirmishes (Udyr, any heavy nuker, Warwick) can keep the opponent in groups and lower their mobility as a whole.

You can also get cheap tower kills by feinting a 5 man push in one lane, and then when they all arrive to defend (during those silly staring contests), your entire team can port to another lane.

If they go for baron, just ignore it. The idea is to not engage in any group fight anyways, and even with the baron buff a few champions that have itemized for building destruction can probably still outdamage them when it comes to towers.

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Teemo and Twitch are a deadly combo and would be a great part of the build. As far as dropping towers they can gank their lane opponents and destroyed their tower my level 4.

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there's no backdooring possible at early levels. You want a push team.

That said, here are some options:


Get a couple of rallies, heals, teleports, and fortifies as spells.

Everyone buy a fort potion and a couple of healing/mana pots as 1st items.

Kill dragon. go to center lane. have stealth get behind or otherwise stun center carry to open the lane.

Push Push Push.

This allows you the DPS to take a tower at L2-3 and gives you the defense (via fortify spell) to not have your towers get too beat up in the process. Its risky in that its very commital. If it works, you're golden. If they defend, you're all gonna be behind in levels and gold.