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support champs

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so ive been playing a lot of support lately, and im trying to figure out what the best overall in your opinions is.

I got taric and tried him out maybe i was playing him wrong but against ranged champs he is weak, or not as useful.

also Anivia is a little rough, kinda weak but i guess she could be really awesome if i practice

i have also tried out Zilean, he seems like he could be very awesome at supporting and fulfilling that role, but he is somewhat weak also

one champ i really like is Janna, i guess the major consensus is that she sucks, but i love her range, and her speed. She also has a very nice supportive shield. i also like that she can harass a lane very well. She also has some of the best AP coefficients so later when you get enough AP she can rock.

any suggestions about some of the best supportive/dps champ would be appreciative.

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Well, this is my own personal opinion so don't start screaming at me claiming that I'm wrong. I may be.

Firstly, Taric. I won't really call him a support character, but he works pretty well that way. Some tips:

Get Phage/Frozen Mallet/TriForce (I go for Frozen). This helps your team gank more effectively. Alternatively, you could go for the Lizard Buff, which works really well.
If your team have champions going for mass health or champions with low tanking ability, you could try for Aegis of the Legion. It helps with staying alive as a team and improves damage somewhat. Stacked with Shatter, its epic.
Getting Mercury Threads is really useful against casters. It makes their disables much less effective and give you some Magic Resistance.
You could try for Thorn Mail/ Warden's Mail, should you be fighting against a dps.

Starting with Mana Manipulator whilst laning with a nuker makes life a lot easier.

When facing a ranged enemy, run into a bush. If they choose to go for you, hit Dazzle and wait for them to come closer. When they do, just cast it and Shatter. This should rip a chunk of health from them and give you a huge edge in killing them. Even better if there's a way to slow the enemy, since you can throw in another Dazzle to finish it.

Generally, I don't choose to level Imbue early game. However, you could level it instead of either Dazzle or Shatter.

Next, lets discuss Anivia.

I don't really play her, so I am unable to say much. However, 1 level of that Crystal Wall thing is really helpful when chasing/running away.


Zilean is really good at supporting. What I would suggest is:
Max out Time Bomb.
Put 1 level of Rewind at level 2, then max out Time Warp. Level Rewind at later levels.
Level Ultimate whenever possible.

Like many other supports, pick up a Mana Manipulator. Go with a champion that may suffer from Mana Starvation (Cho'gath is a good example). Just use Time Bomb to harrass the enemy and control the lane. Generally, you should plant it on an enemy champion. Althernatively, you could plant it on a minion that a champion is set out to kill. The bomb will blow and damage the champion(s)

Whenever possible, get away from your lane and gank another. Make sure you mark out the champion, preferably one that's easy to gank. The process is rather simple, it goes something lilke:
Make sure your allies start attacking. Time Warp the enemy and set a Time bomb. Immediately Rewind and set another bomb. Rewind may not have been refreshed yet, so just attack them. If they run beyond the turret with your time bomb, don't chase and just pray it kills xD.

Ultimate is straightforward. Use it on your team's main DPS or the one getting gank/targetted when they are near death. Use it on yourself if they aim you before anyone else. Straight after, throw in your bombs and warps.

Innervating Locket, Abyssal Scepter and other AP/slow/Mana items work wonderfully, especially if you choose to get Archangel Scepter. Pick your boots based on the situation.

I don't play Janna, so I don't know what to say :P

Karthus also works rather well as a semi-support. Wall of Pain is probably the best ganking ability against more than 1 enemy. I mean seriously, 80% slow with 35 magic resist/armour reduction? That's plain sick. If you go for Rylai, it also helps you slow the enemies even when you don't have Wall of Pain. Spamming Lay Waste and Defile (a note about defile, when you activate it, it can slow every enemy only once, the only way to slow them again is by deactivating defile and activating it again).

There is a general rule about support champions:
Don't go in without your core support skill. Chances are, you will fail.

For Anivia, make sure you have enough mana. Same with every other champion :P

Zilean should have all his spells ready. That's the best option. Otherwise, everything other than Ultimate is good enough.

Have fun LoLing

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I play Anivia a lot and my item build is here: 1. Philosopher's Stone 2. Rod of Ages 3. Sorcerer's Shoes 4. Archangel's Staff 5. Zhonya's Ring.
The most important for Anivia is Ability Power, so after Sorcerer's Shoes allways take Blasting Wand or two!
First ability is allways Flash Frost, then max out FrostBite. If you want to kill heroes don't take ultimate, if you want to kill creeps take ultimate

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Although there are plenty of counters for healing, if they aren't taken, a team with a half-decent Soraka on will prove insanely hard to stop. Her damage isn't the best, but Starcall stacks up fast in a teamfight, Infuse is possibly the single most versatile ability in the game, and her two heals are able to do incredible things on a good AP build. Healing your entire team for 1000 health every 40s is not only possible, it's pretty easy to do (although using Golem for CD is a big boost).

Her downside is that alone, she sucks. My usual build is a little tougher than the average squishy, but she's still a squishy with distinctly subpar damage. She also has severe mana issues at low levels unless you max out Infuse first/take Clarity/both. Her pushing ability is also somewhat lacking until she maxes out Starcall.